July 12, 2011

a few little things I love about summer

I live in Central Illinois and we have four definite seasons.  Fall and spring and winter I love and summer, well, it has its perks. 

If we look past the heat and humidity and heat and sweat and humidity there are some redeeming qualities.

 Like summer vacation.  Travis is off work for two and a half months.

And watermelon.  Ripe and sweet and cold, man-o-man that stuff is so, so good. 

And grilling out.  Good food that I don't have to cook since Travis is the Grill Master at our house.  It's like going to a restaurant for dinner but cheaper and with a better looking cook. 

Another things:  summer wheat. I don't know where you live, and if you ever get to drive by wheat fields, but to me they are absolutely beautiful. Golden wheat blowing in the wind takes my breath away. I am drawn to them even after the grain has been harvested - the piles of stalks laying in rows waiting to be baled and then the giant round straw bales sitting in the field - I love it.

That's it, folks.  That's my list.  What about you?  What do you love about summer?  I will gladly consider other perks of June, July, and August.


  1. Despite the 110+ degree temps during the summer months here in AZ, a few of my favorite things are:

    - that momentary feeling of absolute heaven when you walk into air conditioning after being outside

    - getting to play in the rain during the one or two thundestorms that maaaybe last for 5 minutes during monsoon season

    Ok so maybe I could only come up with 2 perks. Thank goodness the other 8 or 9 months is amazing weather.

    Roxy @ TSKGS

  2. I like being able to put up American Flag decorations as well as even more ladybug decorations in and outside of the house :)

  3. In Illinois...fresh strawberries, swimming in a lake, evenings outside after dinner watching kids run around and chase fireflies, the fair.

  4. Ice cream tastes sooo much better when it's ridiculously hot outside.

  5. I've made 4 Memphis-Milwaukee trips during the last few months & one thing that amazed me in central Illinois was the fields of yellow ragwort. They went on & on & were really beautiful a couple of months ago. Never saw so much of it anywhere else!

  6. Things I like about the Midwest in summer:
    Flowers. I know they start blooming in spring, but by June you can see chicory along the highways, day lilies, purple coneflowers and black-eyed susans. Even hostas bloom in summer.

    Fully leafed-out trees. Every year I'm surprised as how many shades of green there are.

    Roses. We got a rosebush from a kind woman at church the year after Timothy died, and each year since it has bloomed exponentially more. This year it had over 80 little white roses.

    Butterflies. They remind me of Timothy. I have a special spot for white cabbage moths (technically not a butterfly, but you wouldn't know it looking at them casually).

    Thunderstorms. I love being inside during them. And the little one in my house isn't old enough to be scared by them.

    Cold leftovers for lunch, ideally right out of the container. Why reheat them when it's already so blasted hot?

    School supplies in stores. Perhaps not so good if you are/married a teacher, but I always loved school supplies and it heralds the return of my very favorite season: fall.