July 15, 2011

for Pete's sake

In honor of my first child, Peter Mark, who we lost to miscarriage, I would love to pray for your intentions that are related to infertility or the loss of a child.

Please leave your prayer intention - for yourself or someone you know - in the comment box. Commenters may leave their name or be anonymous. You may share as little or as much as you like. With great respect, dignity, and affection I would like to pray for you, your pain, your grief, and your hope.

I, of course, invite all those who comment or read the comments to join me in praying for one another.

Thank you for this privilege.


  1. For Gabriella Grace miscarried at 5 wks after a year long struggle to conceive her and that we will be able to one day conceive again.

  2. For Gianna Mary, miscarried at six weeks, after much praying for a baby. Gianna's birthday was just a few days ago, on 13th July. Gianna now has two sisters and two brothers on earth, but I still miss her, and can't wait until we meet in heaven.
    Love and prayers,

  3. Nick's aunt and uncle recently successfully adopted a baby boy. They are looking to adopt more and they were approached about another adoption from a teenage mother who was 2 months pregnant. This young girl had just graduated high school and wanted to give her baby up for adoption and Nick's aunt and uncle were ready to go through with it. Unfortunately we recently found out that the young mother aborted the baby (due to strong pressure from parents). Please pray for the baby's soul, for the teenage girl, and for Nick's aunt and uncle during this difficult time.

  4. For A & R who are trying to conceive.

  5. In Thanksgiving for my SIL's continued pregnancy (after two miscarriages). Please pray that the pregnancy continues to go well and that they'll be blessed with a healthy baby in their arms

  6. For my best friend's sister, who gave birth to their baby at only 20 weeks who didn't make it. His name was Keith Michael. This is her second pregnancy with a horrible ending :-(. They pray for a healthy child constantly....may God bless them, heal them, and answer their prayers. Amen.