July 12, 2011

quick updates

1 - We are back in the house.  It is 96% finished - just some trim and baseboards left.  It's marvelous.  But I still wish it was 100% done.

2 - Our schedule (meaning the kids') is really messed up.  They are tired and grumpy because of it, and so am I.  L is probably the worst.  After me.  Pray for us.

3 - Early Thursday morning Travis is leaving for a conference.  I am also getting a little vacation.  I am excited and praying for safe travels.

4 - My friend, Lisa, had a baby boy 6 days ago.  I got a good look at Mr. Quentin yesterday and he is as cute as cute gets.  Congratulations, Lisa!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks!

    And I just want to say everytime I see James, I'm inspired to praise God. Which then reminds me to do the same when I look at my own children.