July 22, 2011

sharing summer survival tips

It's hot all over!

 We are going sTiR cRaZy over here.  We've got a list of things to do when the weather is too hot to be outside but I've used most of them.  But I'm sure you've got some really creative ideas, too.

So let's share our ideas.

Monday I'll be hosting a link up so we can all share our summer survival tips with one another.  You can post your tip on your own blog (or in my comment box if you don't blog) and leave a comment on my post we know you're participating.  I'll also update my post to include a list of all participating blogs.

You have the weekend to brainstorm and write your post in anticipation.  I'm hoping a lot of you join in - I'm counting on your brilliance!

See you Monday!

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