August 19, 2011

7 quick takes

1- Maybe you need to start your day with something awesome.  Well here ya go.

2 - I have started to exercise.  About 4 times a week I ride Trav's bike into the country, hide the bike, and then run/walk a mile.  I'm working my way up to running a mile and I'm over half way there.  A friend kindly said that I am cross training, but really I'm going into the country because I'm too embarrassed to run in front of my neighbors. 

3 - The benefits of exercise are amazing and have been instantaneous for me.  I am waaaaaay less stressed, partly because exercise is a stress reliever, but also because for 30 minutes each day no one is touching me or talking to me.  Being less stressed means I am eating less - I always binge when I'm stressed - which has helped me lose 4lbs since I started running about 10 days ago.  I also have a lot more patience now.  The kids and I are enjoying one another a lot more and I am parenting the way I want when things get messy or loud or frustrating. 

4 - One of the best parts of the this whole exercising thing is that Travis is the main instigator behind it.  He has made it as much of a priority as I have (maybe even more now that I'm cheerier!) and he happily helps with dinner and kicks me out of the house sends me on my way each evening. 

5 - My goals in all this are to be healthy, enjoy my life more, feel confident in how I look, look good for my husband.  I kinda want to look like this again:

oh yeah.  shake it.
6 - On to things that have little to do with me...  World Youth Day is going on, people!  How awesome!  My beloved Sisters of Life are in Madrid once again hosting the Love & Life Centre for English speaking pilgrims.  And my dear friend, Sr. Mariam Caritas - the Beth I mentioned here, is there as well.  The sisters are blogging and you can read their words and reflections here.

7 - In honor of World Youth Day I'd like to give a little shout out to my little group of pilgrims from WYD Cologne!  Thank you for sharing that experience with me!  You and that pilgrimage are such blessings in my life!  May the peace of Christ be with you still and may His love and strength sustain you!

Pilgrims in Rome before heading to WYD in Germany.


  1. 4 lbs in 10 days?! That's great, Bonnie. Keep at it!

  2. SO proud of you! You are inspiring me to get my ass in gear...

  3. My hubby loves OK GO, and we love that song. (Can you imagine how long it took to set all that up in the video?!)

    Congrats on the weight loss....maybe I'll take your lead and get moving. I live in the country, so I guess I have no excuse! :)

  4. Thanks for the inspiration regarding exercise! I'm so impressed with Moms of little kids who can make it work...I need to to stop the "I have 3 kids, 3 and under and can't do that!" mantra that seems to be running through my head and keeping me 23 lbs above where I'd like to be. I hate running, but I think it just might be the way to get where I want to be. Keep us posted on how it goes for you!