September 2, 2011

7 quick takes

-1- Congratulations go to two families!  My high school friend Amanda and her husband and daughter welcomed into the world baby boy Briar.  He is so cute!  And my nomad church friend Alison and her husband and two sons welcomed baby girl Caitlin!  Precious!

-2- I have a new post up over at  Go check it out - it's called What we're not saying

-3- September is going to be a very busy month for us.  We have 11 appointments, three birthday parties, a fish fry and the Behold Coffee and Chocolate Night.  Oh yes, I also have to figure out a good preschool schedule for L and the family.

-4- Speaking of which, I will be working with Lacy from Catholic Icing on a review of her Catholic Preschool Curriculum Catholic ABC'sI hope to have it to you in a week or so.

-5- Why do babies think it's so much fun to pick food off their trays and drop it on the floor?  I do not think this is fun.

-6- Once the temperature is out of the 90's I'm going to decorate for fall.  I look forward to using my autumnal/Halloween and wintery/Christmas decorations as soon as we get to Lent.  But right now it's too hot for me to stand on my porch hanging a garland of fall leaves.  I'm not going to break a sweat thinking about cool weather, people.

-7- But Fall!  Beautiful Fall!  I love thee!  The leaves changing colors!  Highs in the low 70's!  Wearing hoodies as we sit around a bonfire making s'mores and drinking spiked cider and cocoa!  Taking pictures of the kids by pumpkins!  The Bears!  Welcome back, Autumn.  I have missed you.


  1. Yes! Fall! Hoodies! They are my favorite attire, paired with a worn pair of clogs. Thanks for getting me looking forward to the months ahead, suitey.