September 12, 2011

Sheen and Megan

The Diocese of Peoria is asking people to join in a novena for the canonization of Archbishop Sheen.  The reason is simple, Sheen was a holy man and is an excellent example to all of us.  As an official saint the Church would lift him up as a role model, just Christians already look to St. Paul, the Blessed Mother, or even Billy Grahm, Mother Teresa, and St. Augustine. That prayer as at the bottom of this post.

However, a friend is asking for people to pray for her niece, Megan, who is in need of complete healing, much like JF was.  If you are willing to pray, please read her story below, pray for her, and leave a comment so the family knows you've lifted her up.  Thank you!!!

Sheen Novena for Megan 
September 12-20

Eternal Father, You alone grant us every blessing in Heaven andon earth, through the redemptive mission of Your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and by the working of the Holy Spirit.
If it be according to Your Will, glorify Your servant, Fulton J. Sheen, by granting the favor I now request through his prayerful intercession - that Megan's body heals and functions normally and is spared any damage to her brain. I make this prayer confidently through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen

Today is the start of the Archbishop Sheen novena that goes through the 20th to celebrate the anniversary

of the Sheen ordination. Along with praying for Archbishop Sheen we are asking for you to also say a

novena for his intercession to bless and heal Megan Crawford. Megan is 25 years old and is from

Germantown Hills. She was in a near fatal car accident on July 8th of this year. She was hit head on by a

utility truck driving the wrong way on the interstate. Her best friend and the driver of the truck were both

dead on the scene. They did not think Megan would live. However, the grace of God has withstood Megan

through so much! Megan is suffering from severe head trauma and broken bones in every extremity of her

body. She has had many surgeries to fix the bones however she has not been able to respond or

communicate with anyone for the last 9 weeks. She has been in Lexington, Kentucky with her mother by her

side. After talking with a friend they suggested we ask Archbishop Sheen to intercede for Megan and to ask

God to show us his favor for Archbishop Sheen to become a saint by making Megan's healing a miraculous

one. After asking Sheen's intercession one day, Megan was miraculously stable enough to make the move

back to Peoria to the Triumph Hospital where she is in a neuro-intensive care unit. However, after

beginning to pray through Archbishop Sheen for Gods intercession, she has had signs of hope. On the

second day back, Megan actually said two words through a voice stimulator. She is so weak that she has

not been able to say much since then except "go home". She also followed the neurologist's finger, which

she had not done in the 8 weeks in the hospital in Kentucky. The doctor in Peoria told her mother that this

is not at all what the doctors in KY told us about Megan's condition. They immediately did a CAT scan to

figure out what had changed and said that it is miraculous that she was able to do either of those things.

They have told the family that with severe head trauma, the earlier they get her to respond and

communicate the more chances she has to regain any memory or ability to do so. She needs your prayers

to be able to get strong enough to move, talk, breathe on her own and be able to live a normal life. We are

asking God to show us amazing things that we know only He can do for Megan. Please remember her

mother as well as this is any parent's nightmare and she has not left her side in over 9 weeks. The goal is

to get Megan to be able to go to an acute rehabilitation hospital. So below you will find a novena for Megan

as well as a novena for Archbishop Sheen's canonization. Please say these for Archbishop Sheen to be

canonized and for his intercession to heal Megan!! Hopefully, her healing will be one of the miracles

needed for him to be canonized a SAINT.


Heavenly Father, source of all holiness, You raise up within the Church in every age men and women who serve with heroic love and dedication. You have blessed Your Church through the life and ministry of Your faithful servant, Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. He has written and spoken well of Your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and was a true instrument of the Holy Spirit in touching the hearts of countless people.  If it be according to Your Will, for the honor and glory of the Most Holy Trinity and for the salvation of souls, we ask You to move the Church to proclaim him a saint. We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.