October 10, 2011

a couple things I've loved recently

Happy Columbus Day!  Over the weekend I came across a few things which I thought were worth sharing.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

First, Jen has a great article over at the National Catholic Register blog on aprons.  I have two aprons and I LOVE them.  Both were gifts and are wonderful.  L actually has a couple of aprons and together, decked in our apron of the day, we cook, bake, clean, and look cute.  Go check the article out!


I love this song!  I have no idea what it's about, but make it part of your soundtrack for the week. 

Third, this article about how annoying it is when people use two spaces after a period is annoying.  (Please note that I used two spaces just now.)  But the comments are awesome. 

They are, of course, awesome only because I agree with them, and if I didn't I'd think the article is awesome and the comments annoying.  But I don't care.  Being a snob about how many times people hit the space bar at the end of a sentence makes you pretty ridiculous.  If you're gonna be a snob about something at least pick something respectable, like wine or cheese or literature.  ;)


  1. Wait a minute! Where's the article about the double spaces! I am excited to read it...seeing as besides using tons of (...) all.the.time. I double space like crazy.

    See. I just did it.

    I love Brett Dennen by the way!

  2. I always put two spaces after a period! It actually got me into trouble a couple times in college because that wasn't the proper format for the paper - but I wasn't trying to make my paper longer (I had plenty of other tricks for that!). It's just how my mama taught me to type.

  3. I love Brett Dennan too! Great post. :) Too fun!

  4. love the song, thanks for the introduction.

    peace out