November 15, 2011

a little update

This is an update wrapped in a prayer request.  On Saturday Travis and I will be interviewed and filmed for a documentary looking into the meeting of the Catholic faith and the science used to prove a miracle.  We will be doing this with the blessing and help of the Sheen Foundation.  The woman I've been working with is really wonderful but I'm still a little nervous about being filmed.  Also, this will be our first interview by noncatholics with a target audience that isn't necessarily Catholic. 

Please pray that Travis and I answer the questions intelligently, clearly, and always in ways that will glorify God.  Please also pray for the crew, who is Canadian, and for safe travels and open hearts. 

Thanks, friends.


  1. Prayers being sent!! I think God will say great things through you. After all, you witnessed a miracle with your own eyes :)