November 16, 2011

Exciting News!

Online Registration is now open for the Behold Conference!

We are so excited about this coming March 10, 2012 and all the wonderful women who will be joining us:  Kate Wicker, Ginny Baldridge, Marie Miller, Jennifer Fulwiler, Hallie Lord, and Sister Helena Burns!

With Mass, Confession, Adoration, delicious food, and a beautiful setting - this is going to be an amazing day! 

Register as soon as possible!  Space is limited and you don't want to miss this "spiritual spa day".  Also, if you register before December 15th you will save money!

Go register for the Behold Conference right now!


  1. I really really want to go, but I'll be only 3 weeks away from my due date and I'm all the way in North Carolina. Sigh. :-/

  2. Hey Bonnie!

    Would Behold be appropriate for High School girls? I was thinking of taking a group from CCHS--are there any group discounts? Eh?



  3. Lauren,
    It is appropriate for high school girls! 13 is our age limit.
    As for group rates, we don't have anything official. However, you could apply for a scholarship.
    Good questions!