November 23, 2011

haven't heard this one in awhile

Isn't this the most awesome video ever?  It makes me want to buy 8 treadmills and invite 3 of my silliest friends over for a long afternoon.

Dreams, people.  This is all about dreams.

I'd probably twist my knee.


  1. I believe the last time you posted this video you had something else to say....just saying ;)

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Amanda...

  3. After viewing that I feel as if I have wasted my life away...

    ...on to do something of greatness!!
    Be back later...

  4. Long-time creeper, first time (I think) commenter.

    I love love love this video! And, if I have read you blog correctly, I'm pretty sure Amanda is right ;)

  5. Awesome, Bonnie! I was hoping that was what the rumor post might be hinting at!
    -Molly B