November 2, 2011


That's what I am, people.  I'm serious.  Serious about Lost.

I have become a lame version of the person I once was because I am so consumed by this show.  And I was pretty far from cool in the first place so this is bad news.

Take, for example, the following song.

I've been listening to it on a regular basis ever since the episode where Hurley gets the Dharma van filled with beer and Roger's corpse started.  Do you even remember that episode?  Or this song?  Someone please say YES!

I'm in Season 6.  And let me tell you when it's over I'm going to be sad.  Maybe I will drown my sorrows in beer.  Probably not. 

And here's my other problem:  I cannot watch Dexter.  I tried watching it before at the encouragement of others and realized that the American public and many of my close friends are sick, twisted, dark people.

Let me leave you with one last piece of Lost loveliness.  A quote from the episode I watched today during nap time / picking up the kitchen.

Miles to Linus:
Why would I need your money when there are a couple of jabonies under there named Nikki and Paulo who got buried alive with $8 million in diamonds on top of them.


  1. My obsessions run far and deep with this show. The end is interesting...and I will let you get there before I hash out what I think.

    As for the song...I love that episode AND I love that song, b/c of the show. Makes me happy every time I hear it ;)

  2. I totally remember. And whenever I hear it I think of Hurley. For-evah! And I'm super embarassed about what I'm currenlty binge watching.

  3. Hey now...don't hate the Dexter fans! Its a great show ;)

  4. Serious? Well, that makes me sick, twisted, and dark. I wish you were like me so that you could LOVE Dexter as I do...

    Why don't you try The Wire. It has lots of language. LOTS. It might start off slow, but Jude and I really like it. It's about Baltimore cops and the tangled drug world they police.

    (Side note, I'm always afraid to suggest shows to people. I care way too much about what they think. So this is big for me. You're welcome.)

  5. Dexter people, I tried watching it and was too bothered by it. As a mother it bothered me. Someone told me that if I would have started watching it before I had kids I wouldn't have had any problems with it and maybe that's true.

    Alisha, thank you for being generous. I guess I'm fairly picky. I'm not a comedy person (too lewd) and I have to stick with a basic cable show so the language isn't too strong or the violence too much. This is either my purity of heart or my wussiness.

  6. I can't tell you how much this saddens me... I thought we were so much alike...

    Purity of heart. Definitely.

  7. Here's a recommendation for when Lost runs out, Burn. Have you gotten into Mad Men yet? That is my latest obsession... I'm a couple years behind the band wagon but I love it now. Also, I just finished In Treatment... fabulous and not very well known. You'll have to check it out. Love!

  8. I would not recommend American Horror Story for you. It is a very interesting show and I am slightly confused by it. I am having a difficult time determining if EVERYONE is dead or everyone except the family currently living inside the murder house. Again, not a show for you.

  9. I still recommend Prison Break; it's on Netflix. As for Lost, how's this for obsessed: my hubby and I took our 5 yr anniversary dream vaca to Hawaii and made a point of visiting as many Lost locations as we could (for free). It was a lot of fun and gave us an excuse to trek around the island to random locations (like a YMCA camp...but we were so frugal and we didn't even pay the $5 for the walking tour!) Anyway, enjoy your obsession while it lasts, and then give Prison Break a try.

  10. I just want to say, that it's been about a year since we finished LOST and every now one of us says something like, "I miss Hurley/Sayid/Ben/Daniel/Desmond" etc. Such a great show. Kyle sees the Loreal (i think) hair color commercial with Evangeline Lilly and says, "Oh, look, Kate got more work!"

    P.S. did I already recommend the LOST wiki?? If not, google it and go deeper into the LOST galaxy!!

  11. Oh, Bonnie, I meant to mention to you two shows that were very near and dear to my college-aged heart years ago: Alias and Felicity...all done by the same guy who produced LOST. I watch them over and over still (rent from the library or watch on youtube) and transport back to simpler days :) You should check them out if you are up for it. Alias is wooonderful, in my opinion. Very a weird second-hand way.