December 18, 2011

50's family Christmas

These are my grandparents in the early 1950's.  My mom's mom and dad. 
I love the charlie brown christmas tree and my aunt's saddle shoes.

And look at the dress my grandma is wearing!  I want one! 
You should see her wedding dress.  Satin, long sleeves, modest, classy, gorgeous. 

I was named after my grandma, a fact that has always made me proud of my name despite the fact that it's not Jennifer, Sarah, or Rachel.
How can you not be proud of being named after such a beautiful woman?


  1. Same here, Bonnie! :) I was named after my maternal grandmother, and Rosemary was never the most common name in school, but now--especially since my grandmother's passing a few weeks ago--sharing a name with her is one of the best possible gifts. Is that your mom in the yellow dress? Wow--I guess there's more of Lydia on your side of the family than I thought! Originally, I thought she was pretty much all Travis :)

  2. Ummm didn't you mean satIn?

  3. Love the dress. Love the picture. Love the 50s. I think I maybe was born in the wrong era :)

  4. Anna and Laura,
    Thanks! I did mean satin!

  5. Your story reminds me of Grandma Dee's reaction of when we told her that we gave Aubrey her same middle name. Grandma's response, "Good Lord, I've been trying to get rid of that name for years!" So, maybe she wasn't thrilled and I don't know about Aubrey, but I love it. And, I think it's important to include family names in my children. It helps keep stories and memories alive!