December 10, 2011

Fancy Behold Button

No need to be jealous.  You can have a Behold button for your blog, too!

Let everyone know that you are so cool you'll be hanging out with Kate Wicker, the Sisters of Life, Marie Miller, and Ginny Baldridge for the day.  Oh yeah, and in case you want some more names to drop, how about Jennifer Fulwiler, Hallie Lord, and Sr. Helena Burns.

Then encourage your mom, sisters, cousins, friends, daughters, and grandmothers to register too.  And make sure you do it by December 15th if you want to save $15 and be signed up to win a free registration!

All you've got to do is copy the  text.
Then, in the Layout page of Blogger click "Add a Gadget".  Choose "Picture", select "From the Web", paste the text in the box, and Save.

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