December 3, 2011

let's be mean about santa claus

Maybe this wasn't nice of me...

If you haven't read the Dear Santa post at Ignitum Today, please do, but make sure you also read the comments. 

I call someone a bully.  Maybe I'm a little out of line.  But I think he's moreso. 

You don't have to comment there- especially if you're on my side since I don't want it to look like I'm having my thugs gang up on him, but you could comment here and let me know if I was a bit of a jerk. 

When I'm pregnant I'm more likely to be a jerk.

Like, for example, when I'm pregnant I'm more likely to sing the following song in my head when I think of / interact with / hear of a woman I don't like:

Well, I won't put it here, but it's about Kyle's mom, and how she's a *itch.


  1. I think your response was fine and justified. Besides, you said he was, "coming off as a bully." You didn't say he actually was one.

  2. "Titus" has been commenting like this lately. I have not seen a single supportive or positive comment from him yet on that site. I'm not sure why he's such a grumpy person.

  3. Personally, I think if he's interested in writing article-length comments (not that I've *ever* been known to do that myself...humble pie), he should restrict them to his own forum. I think your brief comment to him was justifiable.

    As for Santa, I'm in general agreement with you. The world that is passing away will always try to snuff the light of Christ, using even jolly fat men or cute little [easter] bunnies to achieve that end. I see no harm in these figures, but I hope my children have no more interest in them than in the Tooth Fairy, and place their joy and hope in Christ as we celebrate His Feasts. (so much for a short comment - oops.) :)

  4. The thing I've been realizing about "christmas traditions" is people all think their traditions are right and everyone else is wrong so no matter what you say your not going to fix the other persons mind.

    Like in my family we celebrate the italian witch La Befana on epiphany and everyone I tell that has never heard of her is like "that is WEIRD" why do you do that? Well if anyone has ever seen Fiddler on the Roof we just DO traditions no one knows why! HAHA

  5. Hey Bonnie! I decided to comment over here and not on Ignitum Today cause I didn't want to stir up trouble, and anyway I'm thinking about doing a little post of my own on Thursday on St. Nicholas and Santa.

    I think you've read some of the stuff I've written on Santa. Personally, I don't think believing in St. Nicholas, which we firmly do (today is Sienna's name day, even!) excludes a belief in Santa. But I imagine that the reason Titus got all worked up is that there can be a real condescension toward those of us who do encourage and foster a belief in Santa. A lot of times we get the "you're lying to your children" argument, which really does infuriate me. Basically, my opinion is that parents should do what they feel the most comfortable with. No kid is going to be ruined for life by not believing in Santa or by believing in him. This is one of those Mommy wars that makes me want to smash my head against a wall. I have a definite opinion, but I think your article was well-written and explained your opinion and views very well. Anyway. People need to swig some mulled wine and chill out.