January 20, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - You may not like country music. Sorry, this week's song is not for you. 

2 - This is what happened in my kitchen last night:

Me - Whoa!  Jeff Cavins is following me on Twitter!  That's crazy!  Why would he do that?  (Feeling all kinds of pressure to be holy, funny, intelligent in my forthcoming tweets, especially since in my head I was thinking, "oh shit!".)

Travis - What?!  I bet it's because of JF and Sheen.

Me - Maybe.  I'm gonna check into this...  Oh.  He's following over 6,500 people.  I'm not that special after all.  He doesn't know me or JF or anything about us.  Well, that changes things!  (feeling of sweet relief mingled with a touch of humility)

3 - I am a product of public schools.  I am a fabulously lousy pre-school homeschooling mom.  But I totally loved this video.  He brings up a lot of great examples of why I'm a little jealous of my friends who do homeschool. 

4 - Watching the Republican debate.   I didn't even begin to follow this stuff until the candidates are more "manageable".  Four is manageable.  I can research their voting records, go over their websites, etc now that there's four.  In recent history Mikhail Gorbachev said that what Ronald Reagan was able to accomplish with the Cold War Obama never would have been able to do because of Reagan's character:  strong, but a gentleman.  I think Gorbachev would say the same thing about Newt that he said about Obama, and I think that matters. 

5 - Kate Wicker has a guest post up at the Behold blog called "Glorify God in Your Body".  It's great and will give you a little glimpse of what Kate will be talking about at the Behold Conference.  Check it out!

6 - I'm so tired.  So go read Dwija at House Unseen instead.  She's funny and hospitable - what a great combination.

7 - Congrats to all of us for making to the weekend.


  1. Country music just got a little cooler from being mentioned on your blog. And I got cooler by default.

    Thanks for the ego boost today Bonnie :)

  2. I share your thoughts re Gingrich. He seems really intelligent but sounds (and has a past that is) so darn arrogant. I'm really hoping Santorum can work a miracle, but I'm guessing that's a long-shot.

  3. That homeschooler video cracked me up...especially the last one :)

    Thanks for the shout out, girl!

  4. Big country fan! Thanks for sharing some of it. :)

    That homeschooling video is hilarious. Ha!

  5. I liked that song! I just "discovered" I like country music the past summer. :)