February 3, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - Going out on a limb here with some 80's music.  But man, this song is so good.  And you know what, I wish I could rely on my old man's money.  It's a bitch, girl.

2 - Hey, if you want simple, awesome cookies that mix peanut butter, chocolate chips, and little else, you have got to check out this recipe.  They're gluten free if that matters to you, and it only makes a dozen or so cookies so you don't feel quite so bad when you eat the whole batch.  (Not that I have done that... yet.)

3 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is pretty popular in my home right now.  Ben prefers it because he loves the dwarfs.  He walks around the house, holding his toy hammer on his shoulder, singing "Heigh Ho!"

4 - L, on the other hand, belts out, "Still I think he's rather tasty" over and over again.  It's a line from the Prince Ali song in Aladdin.  She even does the voice.  You may have heard her at Wal-Mart earlier this week.

5 - What are you making for your Super Bowl party this Sunday?  I'm supposed to bring cookies and will probably bring chocolate chip cookies but I'm definitely open for a suggestion.  Also, I may do a rendering of Skip Bayless' and ESPN's Tim Tebow - All He Does Is Win song.  Rejoice that we're not going to the same party.  (But my husband loves it!)

6 - What, you don't know what song I'm talking about?  Well pause Rich Girl and enjoy:

7 - Now on a more serious note, my new post is up over at IGNITUM TODAY.  Another Life to Remember is one part encouraging pro-lifers to stop ignoring babies lost in miscarriage and one part suggestions for what you can do if you or someone you know is miscarrying.  I hope it's helpful.

Blessings for a good, safe, fun weekend, everyone!


  1. A few things...1.you can never go wrong with 80's music and 2.totally looking forward to hearing 'all he does is win' ;)

  2. I need to hang out with your kids and sing disney songs with them.
    Clark loves Disney songs too. His favorite is Once Upon a Dream. We always get a smile and coo from him when we sing that to him. :)

  3. Ok, you had me hooked at "gluten free" not to mention the huge pb and choc craze I'm going through...except the link isn't working. (maybe it's a sign from God) :)

  4. Betsy - I fixed the link! Thanks for telling me about it!

  5. I only advise making this when you're going somewhere with a lot of people: Browkie. It's a 9x13 that has cookie dough spread on the bottom, then oreos placed on top of that, and then brownie batter on top of the oreos. Bake it and serve it with ice cream and a dose of insulin. :)