February 24, 2012

Live TV Interview Today

This post could also be called URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!!!

Tune in to CatholicTV's "This Is the Day" show at 9:30 central time for a live interview that I'll be doing along with Behold executive director Rose Rudolph.

Rose and I will be Skyping in for the 5 minute segment and we're really excited about and grateful for the opportunity to promote the Behold Conference.

You can watch by going to this link and clicking on "Watch CatholicTV Live" on the upper-ish right side.  And in the meantime please pray for both of us!  I've done a lot of interviews with the reporters for the written press recently, but "live" and "tv" make me nervous!


  1. Just watched your segment - Well Done! Loved the 'Gathering Well' analogy! :)

  2. You did great. I had forgotten what your voice sounded like...