February 17, 2012


Watching the Today Show this morning I saw a quote from Nancy Pelosi.
"Five men are testifying on women's health. Where are the women? Imagine having a panel on women's health and they don't have any women on the panel. Duh!"

However, there were two panels and the later one featured two women.
"Rep. Pelosi is either ill informed or arrogantly dismissive of women who don’t share her views. Today’s hearing does in fact include two women, Dr. Allison Garrett of Oklahoma Christian University and Dr. Laura Champion of Calvin College Health Services," a representative for the congressman who arranged the panels said.

Funny that David Gregory and Today didn't comment on that part of it. You can read a Huffington Post piece on it here.
I understand that Nancy Pelosi and many others believe that their side of the fight is about women's health but that is not what we are fighting about. We are fighting about religious freedom. One of these things is protected by the Constitution and the other is not.

And if Ms. Pelosi wants to hear what women think of it then I suggest she read this statement released by the Sisters of Life. Surely she will not dismiss the sisters since they, too, are women. Surely she will give heed to their thoughts and concerns. It is clearly well thought out and well written. The whole thing should be read, but the bottom line is this:

"Our special fourth vow, made in a solemn and sacred ceremony and binding on us in conscience and in the laws of the Church, is at the heart of our identity as a religious community, and is a profound expression of the religious and spiritual commitment of each of our Sisters. This new rule pays no heed to our right to live according to our vows. ... Since we are neither employers, nor employees, of any religious institution, we cannot even take advantage of the “religious exemption” contained in the new regulations or the “compromise.”
As a result, this mandate would coerce each and every individual Sister of Life to betray her religious vows."

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