February 28, 2012

we've been watching Disney movies

Today my sweet little three and a half year old oh-so-sincerely asked me,

"Mom, do I have a Cave of Wonders in my mouth?"

So we've been watching Aladdin...  But we also were on a Sleeping Beauty kick for awhile which brought a terrible fear of dragons into my little girl's heart.

"Mommy, what if a dragon comes and tries to get me while I'm sleeping?"

"Well there aren't any dragons around us.  None will come to our town."

"But what if one does?"

"Well, St. Michael and your Guardian Angel will protect you."

"But they're up in Heaven."

"Well then Daddy will get his shot gun and kill it."

"Okay.  Good night, Mommy."


  1. Those are definitely great movies! Sleeping beauty is one of Nicks favorites. He loved the fight with the dragon as a little boy. And Prince Philip is his favorite prince. Oh my husband. Can't wait to watch these movies with Clark!

  2. Bonnie, I love your responses to Lydia! Such a good Catholic mom you are and what a clever little girl. :)