March 19, 2012

Tag - I'm it!

Here's a bunch of gibberish all about me.  I was tagged in this fun little blogging game and I'm going to play along because after a week of recouping I finally feel social again. 

The rules:
  1. The first rule is to post these rules.
  2. Post a photo of yourself then write 11 things about you/your life.
  3. Answer the questions for you set in the original post.
  4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
  5. Go to their blog/twitter to tell them you have tagged them.
I'm the one on the right with a large mouth and glasses.  This was at a FOCUS conference back in my campus ministry days.  I wonder if I still have that watch somewhere.  I loved that watch.
Eleven things about myself:
1 - I'm conflicted about Kanye West.  He's a great rapper but man-o-man is he ever inappropriate.
2 - I really suck at Lent this year. 
3 - I used to think of myself as funny but I don't any more.  The only thing that's changed is that before I was fat and needed to be funny.  Now I'm fat and I've decided to put effort into being kind rather than being clever.  I hope it's working.
4 - My Christmas lights are still up outside.  It would take 5 minutes to unwrap them from the banister but it still hasn't happened.
5 - My husband and I honeymooned in Scotland because #1 I love Braveheart #2 I didn't want to go anywhere hot - especially a beach.  Instead of a bunch of pictures of me in a bathing suit laying around (a thing no one wants to see - even from my thin days) I have all these awesome pictures of me looking cute in jeans and turtlenecks exploring castles. 
6 - I was first runner up in a beauty pageant once upon a time.
7 - I really dislike New York City and Chicago.  They're big and smelly.
8 - I dislike dogs and cats.  We had a dog and a cat when I was growing up but I never had an emotional bond with either.  I had typed out a whole list of things that drive me crazy about dogs, cats, and pet owners but it's better that I deleted it.  I will say, though, a house is never clean if you have small children or pets.  And in my experience it's far worse with pets.
9 - I think New Girl is hilarious.  There's too much sex, of course, but I feel like the jokes were written exactly for my sense of humor. I actually laugh out loud while watching it, which I cannot say for most shows and movies I watch.
10 - I have two brothers and I'm very glad I have them.  But I also wish I had a sister. 
11 - My son Ben is adorable.  Sometimes it's hard for me to discipline him because of how stinkin' cute he is.

Cynthia's Questions:
  1. Mini-van or other?   Mini-van.  It was a hard pill to swallow but now I love it.
  2. Favorite clothing item?   Right now it's maternity dresses / skirts.  I've given up on pants at this point in the pregnancy.
  3. Best friend in the whole wide world? Why? Travis is my best friend, but when it comes to girlfriends I would probably say Sr. Miriam Caritas is tied with Katie B.  This is a hard question to answer, though.  Friendship as an adult is so different than when I was a child or teen.
  4. Favorite movie? For a long time it was a tie between Sense & Sensibility and Braveheart.  Now I'd probably say 3:10 to Yuma.
  5. Your favorite trait about yourself? I take excellent naps.
  6. Best concert you've ever been to? NKOTBSB.
  7. Most difficult decision you've ever had to make? too personal to share here.
  8. What did you want to be when you were little? President of the USA.  This is because all my teachers  would talk about how we could be anything when we grew up - even the first female president of the United States.  Now there's no way I would want that job.  God bless the men and women who run our country.
  9. Favorite quote? "In the tender compassion of our God, the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace."  Luke 1:78-79
  10. Most expensive item [at the grocery store] that you have ever purchased?? formula, probably
  11. Best television series you have ever watched? Lost.  But we'll see how Downton Abbey turns out - it might just tie or beat out Lost.
Okay, so now I'm going to break the last two rules because I am still exhausted.  It honestly took me four days just to answer those questions.  I can't think any more.


  1. Nick and I LOVE New Girl..we laugh so much at that show. I love all the characters. They are all so funny in their own way. :)

  2. -You dislike dogs? Just when I thought we could be friends? ;) I am with you on the cat thing. They're bitchy. Who likes that?

    I'm with you, New Girl is so hilarious. We weren't crazy about it at first but kept watching it because it's sandwiched between Glee and Raising Hope. Now we're hooked. :)

  3. apparently our dislike of pets is one of the reasons we are such good friends!

    and I completely agree with your comment about Bennet. One grin, and I'm a goner.