April 20, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - JJ Heller, I will see you and Audrey Assad tonight! And you told me you'd sing My Savior's Love Endures for me!  And maybe you'll sing this song, too, which would be very appropriate since it's the Season of Easter and all.  Just sayin'...

2 - I am so excited about this concert.  Some friends and I are going to dinner first.  I will eat fried chicken and watch them drink beer.  I'm not excited about that - I'd like to drink beer, too.  mmm...beer...

3 - Wednesday I officially became 9 months pregnant.  36 weeks have come and gone so quickly.  Jiminy!  At my appointment with the midwife yesterday I learned that I actually do not have gestational diabetes (my bad, I misunderstood) so I feel a lot less guilty about all those Moolattes I've been drinking lately.  I also learned that the little girl in my womb's legs are measuring 40 weeks and the sonographer was guessing for a 9lb 7oz baby.  (I asked for her guess.)

4 - Everything is so different with a hospital birth verses a home birth.  Here's the list of things I can think to bring to the hospital, now tell me what I'm missing:
-change of clothes for pp
-clothes to wear home
-clothes for Baby Girl to wear home
-Baby Girl's blankie, in case it's cool.
-infant car seat
-lap top
-shampoo and conditioner
-toothbrush, deodorant, brush, make-up, etc.
-whatever stuff Travis wants to bring - he's on his own.

How's that for a list?  I'm really sad I won't have a birthday cake this year.  I haven't even thought about what I would pick.  Maybe angel food cake with berries and ice cream?  Smelling the cake bake while I labored was always one of my favorite things. 

5 - In happier news Travis told me a few nights ago that he thinks I look thinner.  By the end of the day my feet, face, and hands may be slightly bloated but my back fat is going away.  I have not been dieting during this pregnancy (remember the thing about the Moolattes?) but it has been my goal to weigh less post partum with Baby Girl than I did when I began the pregnancy.  I'm so tired of being fat.

6- Which is not to say I want to look anything like this.  I don't get the fitness inspiration boards on Pinterest.  I would probably feel just as unattractive lookin like that lady as I do now.  Her body is like a teenage boy's but with boobs.  Am I being mean?  Maybe.  I just like soft a curvy.  So does my husband, so that's good.

7-  On that note, I think I'm going to bake the best chocolate chips cookies ever.  Ever.


  1. I wish I was going with you tonight - have fun! :)

  2. I didnt bring chapstick to the hospital, but I really wished I had it, hospitals are so dry. Also I brought some snacks for myself for after the baby was born, since the nurses were forcing me to eat something. They had to tell me to order food but I would forget, and if the kitchen was closed, I had my Teddy Grahams. I'm sure you can get a piece of cake from the hospitals kitchen if you want it. Our hospitals kitchen has angel food cake so maybe yours will too! I'm praying for a smooth delivery!

  3. Ok, two things.

    How did I not know you were having a girl (did I miss that?). Maybe I've just had a lot of pregnant ladies in my life lately and it's hard to keep track. Either way, exciting news!

    How did I not know you were having a hospital birth (did I miss that again?).

  4. Bonnie, I would add taking a boppy...or whatever nursing pillow device that makes you happy. The pillows at the hospital are normally flat and crunchy. Two things that DO NOT make first-time nursing a pleasant experience.

    Blessings to you and that little one!

  5. If you want baby to have a "photo outfit" separate from the going home outfit, pack that too. :) I packed word searches in case I got tired surfing the web, TV, etc. Chapstick was a great mention too!

  6. I'm not sure which hospital you are going to, but the one by me gives a birthday cake. Sure, it's not plum cake. But they tell me nice old ladies do this as part of their ministry.

    Optional items to bring: crucifix or music or holy cards or whatever you use as a focal point, labor tool, etc

    headband? glasses? I also brought with me my own wash cloth. And a robe and slippers/sandals

    I too missed the baby girl reveal. Congratulations! Didn't you think she was a she?

    said a prayer for you this morning

  7. You're having a girl??? And this didn't its own post!? Yay! A girl!

    The best advice I got was to pack a roll of your own toilet paper! The stuff they have is so dry and hard-and that's obviously not want you to to be using down there after all that. So pack your own soft stuff.

    What if you had someone make a cake at your house while you were in labor at the hospital and it was there waiting for you when you got home? If I lived in IL I would make you one :)

  8. I didn't know you were having a girl either!! How wonderful! I also did not know about the hospital! I am praying for a safe and fast delivery!!!

  9. I second the suggestion of a Boppy (that was wonderful for me) and your own pillow (with a distinct pillowcase so it doesn't get mixed up with the hospital pillows). Chapstick for sure, your own water bottle to keep ice water on hand, tell Travis to bring warm clothes for himself as the men are always freezing, comfy clothes to wear home for yourself... I'll come back if I think of anything else...

  10. Wow 9 months already? I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that you made the announcement!

  11. Yes, hospital pillows are the PITS. Boppy + real pillow are a good idea. And I always get cold during the pp hormonal freak out, and you can't really control the temp in your room (at least I couldn't) so extra socks and a real blanket would be good too. Also if you're gonna have a baby book or something (yeah...I know), you could bring that, too. Camera? Do you have that on your list?

    So exciting :D

  12. Snacks. If baby's born in the middle of the night, you won't get a meal tray and you may not have eaten in hours. After my 2nd, my parents brought a pizza and I wanted to eat. the. whole. thing. I second your own pillow (!!!) and robe/slippers. Pillow for Travis, too. I love my sleep-mask; i hate all the random lights on the equipment.

  13. Double ditto on chapstick. Might want to throw in a nice lotion. I enjoyed having my slippers to get out and walk around. And licorice. Don't forget the licorice! :)

    Jude was a big baby (10.8), came out looking like a 3-month old, and has been such a great eater and sleeper from day 1. I hope yours will be, too!

    When I recently went to my 6-week check-up, I was tested for diabetes. Like Type-2 diabetes. Like the disease all the Biggest Loser contestants have prior to their transformations. Humbling. Thanks be to God the test came back negative. And it was a good kick in the rear to get healthy. Maybe we can support each other?

    Godspeed during these final days. I'm praying for you, girl!!