May 29, 2012

1 week old

Today Resa Marie is one week old.  I'm still sore and tired and Travis and I are adjusting to having 4 kids.  Suddenly the oldest two are more disobedient and JF is all about climbing the dining room chairs and table.  Last night at 6:30 we looked at each other and agreed that we had had it.  It was decided that the kids would get in their pj's, watch a movie, and eat popcorn like a special treat.  It worked. 

But in honor of my newborn's first week of life I thought I'd type up a list of all the things I've loved in this postpartum period.

- the rum and coke Travis snuck into the the hospital for me to drink after delivery
- the roses Travis brought me once we came home
- the way my doula/lactation consultant came to my house on Friday, told me four things, and fixed all our nursing problems
- the way JF smiles at Resa and pats her on the head, but mostly ignores her
- all the cute, pink clothes that have come out of the storage bin in the basement(!)
- the beer I had with lunch yesterday
- sleeping on my back
- wearing my regular jeans
- the way Resa has slept at night (I'm still losing sleep but it could be - and was - much worse!)
- getting to know my sweet baby girl, her eyes, hands, likes, all of her
- enjoying this newborn period, which we we lost with JF
- how Ben and L look out for and love on their baby sister
- that I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight (now to get back to my pre-pregnancy-with-L weight)
- the women from church and other friends who are bringing us meals (Thank you!)
- the awesomeness that is my mom and mother-in-law, who have both stayed out our house and taken the kids as we work out this new normal


  1. You are very blessed with the mother/mother-in-law combo. That is something I hope I can do for my children. Neither of our mothers were really into that sort of thing. I was just thinking this morning how much I didn't know about newborns with my first and that even though I knew more when numbers 2-5 arrived, it would have been awesome to have grandma's around for diversion and to take the kids and do things.

    Congratulations on your beautiful little bundle. As hard as the first few weeks can be, I always enjoy cuddling/snuggling and getting to know my baby.

  2. I got a rum and coke snuck in to me too, but I think you deserved it more than me. :) I can't believe Teresa is already a week old!

  3. woah-back to your pre-pregnancy weight??? You go!

    And genius idea on the rum and coke. I'll be requesting that one next time around.

  4. It's great that your mom and MIL are helping you so much. Are they there at the same time? My mother and MIL would probably come to blows if left alone together for a period of time. If they get along, that's one more thing to be thankful for in this postpartum period!

  5. Off topic, but did you hear about this family whose one year old is also making a miraculous recovery? I couldn't help but think of you guys:

    So amazing!

  6. Sounds like you are enjoying your baby moon! :) We have four kids as well, and our baby is 8 months old. I hope you can adjust quickly to life with 4 kids! They are just awesome and as time goes on you won't even remember life with just 3 kids. :)

  7. Regular jeans already? I still wear my maternity jeans occasionally - 2 years later, 'cause that's how I roll.

  8. Into regular jeans + pre prego weight = an absolute postpartum victory in my book.

    Go, Bonnie!

  9. Travis is the man!! So proud of him for the rum and coke delivery :)

  10. I'm so glad to hear things are going well! You deserve to have that special newborn time that you missed out on last time. I hope when things settle down over here with the packing and whatnot that I can pop over for a visit. Also, your public demand more pictures! :)

  11. Congratulations! I have been praying for you since I stumbled into the Behold conference. By luck today I found your blog. :)

  12. Oh. My. God. Thank you for a fellow rum and Coke lover. Seriously. This is what I CRAVED during pregnancy (just gave birth in July). Wow. How freakin crazy! Every mom I told this to looked at me in
    1. utter shock
    2. utter disgust
    3. utter shock and disgust
    Love, love, love that other women here have cheered the rum and coke. Wow. Amazing.