May 4, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - The Boat Song!  Parents who love Margaret Wise Brown, and I'm lookin' at you, Laura Beth, I think you would like this song.  It was inspired by The Runaway Bunny and it features the bird wallpaper LB has in her kitchen and hallway.  Everyone else, it's such a cute song, I really think you should listen to it.  And then love it.

2 - For those of you who do not know my friend Laura, let me show you a picture of her arm.
Now do you understand why I think she'll like a song that was inspired by The Runaway Bunny?  You can barely see it, but there's two bunny birds, one for each of her sons.  Also, I don't really like tattoos but this is seriously the most amazing thing I've ever seen on someones body and I really appreciate the craftsmanship of this tat.

3 - Did I pull that off - calling it a "tat"?  Do people even call them "tats" any more?  It's tragic how unhip I am.  Wait....

4 - L Anne turned 4 yesterday!  Four!  Her Strawberry Shortcake themed party is tomorrow and she is so excited.  What a cutie.  What a joy.  What a bundle of energy.

5 - Tonight Travis and I are going on a dinner and a movie date.  We're going to see the new Avengers movie and I think Travis is half-hoping I'll go into labor the way I did as I watched Iron Man 4 years ago.  We'll see! 

I'm excited about our date night but I do think I should probably tidy up the house a bit.  Our babysitters will be a couple of his students and I feel pressure to have the house clean.  I should have thought of this yesterday when all I did during quiet time was sit on my butt and surf the internet, telling myself that 9 month pregnant women with occasional contractions should keep their feet up so they don't get too swollen.  But now it's 9:30am and I've napped once already today, haven't showered, and need to clean and bake L's birthday cake for tomorrow's party.  We'll see how all this goes.

6 - Ben does this absolutely adorable thing where he sits on the back of the sofa, recites the first half of Humpty Dumpty, falls back onto the sofa, and recites the second half of the nursery rhyme.  I love it.

7 - Ben wants a picture of himself on the blog so I will post one.  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I miss your family and love the song. Happy Friday!

  2. I want to make a mix tape of Bonnie's quick takes songs!

    And Wow! Bennet is so big! I feel like he's change A LOT since the last picture I saw of him.

  3. What a sweet song! This video and this singer are about the cutest things I've ever seen. The funny thing about the book and my arm is that I think most of the book is kind of creepy. The tone is a little overbearing and weird, like, hey you're my kid and you can't ever get away from me! LOL. But I adore the illustrations. And the page I picked for my arm, I really do like the sentiment of that page. It's the least stalkerish of the book, in my humble opinion. :) The song was not creepy, though. She used the theme but made it sweeter and lighter. Thanks for sharing! Have fun on your date! Nate and I have a This American Life date coming up next week and I am pumped!