June 21, 2012

"I give to you assurance...

... that the people of the United States will not stand by..."

This is not about whether you think contraception is okay or not.
This is not about whether you know Catholics who use contraception.
This is not about some kind of war on women.
This is not about the economy and needing to take whatever job one can get.
This is not about some imagined right to free birth control.

This is about the federal government, under the Obama administration, undoing what President Thomas Jefferson promised to the Danbury Baptists: a separation between Church and State

This is about the Constitution.

This is about actual rights, protected in the very framework of our government being ignored and disregarded. 

You may not care about my beliefs and the teachings of my Catholic faith but I hope you care about Freedom of Religion because if that can be done away with so can everything else that's protected in our Constitution. 

Today begins the Fortnight For Freedom. I encourage you to join me in prayer and fasting as we continue to defend our Constitutional right for Freedom of Religion.

Hat tip to Brandon Vogt for the video.

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