July 12, 2012

7 quick takes

1 - This song makes me happy.  :)

2 - Right now there's not a lot of talking going on about the Legionaries of Christ but I'm very interested in the progress they are hopefully making.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, a couple of years ago the Vatican asked for a major clean-up of the organization when some very scandalous, sad facts were learned about the Legion and its founder.  My bishop has asked that no one join them until their house is in order, and I'm not interested in doing so, but I do have friends who are involved and so I am hoping for the best for the sake of my friends. 

Anyways I saw this article in the Washington Post and wanted to share in case anyone else was wondering what's going on with the Legionaries: "Vatican says disgraced Legion of Christ needs a new identity".

3 - When we had L my mom told me we had a difficult baby.  She cried all the time and she did not sleep.  When we had Ben he was a lot easier.  Sometimes he fussed but for the most part making him happy was pretty easy.  JF had a special set of difficulties but when it came to his personality he was pretty laid back and easy to deal with.  He was easier than Ben but only by a little bit.  Now that we have Resa I must say that I thought I knew what an easy baby was but I had NO idea.  I am finally experiencing the "babymoon" that I've heard so many moms talk about!  It's amazing and wonderful!  She smiles, she coos, she naps, she naps in the swing, she falls asleep on her own in the crib, she doesn't seem to have food allergies, she nurses well, she sleeps for 10 hours straight!  Please do not hate me, I think that after everything we went through with L and JF we deserved a reward for being open to life.

4 - Speaking of all my kids... Two friends stopped by to visit our family last Sunday.  The guys, Brian and Ben, are single and in their early-mid twenties.  They were present for bedtime and things were a little rough so I jokingly said to them, "This is how priests are made."  Brian, who was in seminary for awhile, then told us that in seminary they called such situations "cele-boosters". 
Now that's funny.

4.5 - Brian is a musician up in Minnesota.  Check him out and Like him on Facebook.  It was really loud when he was telling me about his budding music career but it's something like someone is interested in working with him in the studio but they want to see if people will listen to his music... or something.  Brian, correct me in the combox.  But everyone else go Like Brian K. on FB.
5 - At 3:30 central time today I will be doing a live (EEEK!) radio interview with Drew Mariani on Relevent Radio.  You can listen live online here.  Please pray for me and that my nerves don't have me making up words, stumbling to answer questions, and using poor grammar.  Thank you!

6 - Also, my husband and I were recently told of a boy who is suffering from a very, very rare and horrible condition.  Please pray for this boy, M, and his parents. 

7 - Lastly, I'm joining my friend Larry in honoring his late wife by collecting school supplies to donate to children in need.  I'll be posting more information about Diane's Garden next week but in the meantime, grab an extra set of pencils, crayons, or notebooks while you're out shopping for your own kids.


  1. I'm happy for you that Teresa is an easy baby! Isn't it crazy how different they can all be? That should give hope to the moms with difficult babies!

    Look forward to hearing the interview!

  2. It wasn't until baby number 5 that I realized what an easy baby was. Takes you by surprise after having other types of babies and you are like -- wow :)