July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

I am proud to be an American and there are so many things I love about this country - I thought I'd type up a list:

rock and roll, beer, beaches, mountains, apple pie, peach pie, baseball, football, the Super Bowl, redwood forests, fresh sourdough bread in San Francisco, fold over pizza out East, deep dish pizza in Chicago, fried chicken, McDonald's french fries, southern peaches, corn on the cob from the garden, Simon and Garfunkel, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Stewart, Archbishop Sheen, family farms, cold watermelon on a hot day, hot cocoa on a snowy day, snow days, beer from all over the world, warm chocolate chips cookies, cookie exchanges, fireworks, fireflies, butterflies, cooking meals for families, sprinkler parks, Batman, the Declaration of Independence, how the histories of so many other countries play into and build the history of our country, buffalo, the Wild West, Boston accents, southern accents, public education, the Midwest, PBS, Broadway, small town festivals, lemon shake-ups, three branches of government, open elections, Oprah, the American Dream.

When I asked Ben what he loves about being an American he said, "the mailman".
L said, "a princess".
Travis, who was in another room and didn't really hear the question, said, "the fireworks".

What about you?  Leave a note telling me some of the things you love about the USA.


  1. Don't forget lemon drops, state fairs with deep fried corn dogs, outdoor concerts in the park, so you think you can dance, The Office, and the freedom to homeschool :)

  2. I wrote all about Sheen today, since he will likely be the next American saint--for Independence Day. Of course your family was prominent!

  3. :) and lol to your family's answers! i love our differnces- how different new england is from the pnw to the south and sw. i love mt. rainer and how i see Gods glory in that mass of rock, i love bbq hotdogs, ice tea and chocolate cake, i love that we can own guns, share our opinions, and how anyone can become someone or start thier own bussiness... happy 4th to you too!