July 18, 2012

School supplies for kids who need them

Diane Spialek was a life long educator and a wonderful woman.  She could also bake one heckofa pistachio cake.  In her memory her children and husband started Diane's Garden, an organization that collects school supplies and distributes them to children in need.

Larry, Diane's husband, is a friend of mine and I am excited to work with him and gather school supplies for a family I know personally.  Wanna join me?

Right now crayons, folders, pencils, and all the rest of it are on sale.  You can get a box of crayons for less than 50 cents!  But if you have four kids in school and your spouse is laid off then four boxes of crayons plus 20 notebooks and 6 boxes of kleenexes and 30 packages of #2 pencils and gym shoes and bookbags and registration fees, and combination locks - well, it all adds up to a lot of money.  A lot.

Now through the end of the of July I will be collecting school supplies to donate to Diane's Garden.  You can drop items off at my house, bring them to me at church, or arrange for me to pick them up from you by emailing me at bonnie fandel at g mail dot com. 

I have a list of needed items below.  Please grab one or two of them the next time you're at the store and help out this really great cause! 

It'll be fun!

**UPDATE** The first five items plus the crayons have all been purchased!  Thanks for the support - let's keep it going!
7 packages of #2 pencils
5 packages of mechanical pencils with extra lead
2 packages of pencil top erasers
5 wide-lined spiral notebooks, 70 page count (no more than 100 page count)
5 college ruled spiral notebooks
1 package blue ink pens
2 large boxes of Kleenex
2 boxes of 12 count Crayola colored pencils
1 box of crayons (24 count)
1 box of washable thick markers
1 Expo Dry Erase marker
1 large container of disinfectant wipes
2 red ink pens
1 one inch 3 ring binder
2 pink bevel erasers
4 glue sticks
1 12oz bottle of hand sanitizer
1 yellow think highlighter
5 plain pocket folders - one each in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue


  1. If you promise to come pick them up at my house, I'll buy a whole mess of these!

  2. I'll take care of the crayons and all the #2 pencils. I love buying school supplies for pennies and donating them. New school supplies are sometimes the only new thing a kid has on the first day of school. I loved seeing how proud they were, and something just motivates kids to do better when they're writing with a brand new pencil in a brand new notebook. I will set up a time to get together with you after we're back from MN!