July 28, 2012

what he said

You can think I'm wrong, I can think you're wrong, and that doesn't mean you're anti-Christian or that I'm anti-gay.  It also doesn't mean that we can't be civil or friendly or that I can't love you and deeply care about you and you me.  

And yes, I am judging.  You are too.  And that's okay.  People are entitled to their opinions and as long as you have formed yours after a lot of careful consideration I will respect your opinion, even though I may think it's wrong.  I am judging that your opinion, and maybe even the way you live your life, is wrong.  And you are judging that my opinion and probably the faith that guides my life are wrong.

I know a lot of people who do/believe things that I judge to be wrong:
- my children who think that Dora is a good show
- friends who lived together before they were married
- my dad who doesn't like pie
- married friends who contracept
- loved ones who enjoy listening to techno
- couples who get married outside, especially in the summer (really this should be at the top of my list)

But to the owners and CEOs of companies whose products I enjoy, I don't care what you think!  I don't want to know your opinion.  Or, as Steve Skojec said, 
"As your customer, I want to buy your products or services, NOT your ideology."
Steve's take on the whole Oreo, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, Amazon, and whoever else thing is exactly what I think, too.  You can read the rest of his article here, if you'd like.


  1. Loved this! :) I agree completely!!! We are responsible for our lives and to live our lives out in a way that reflects Christ. We are NOT responsible for someone else's lifestyle choices, but we are called to be loving and forgiving. *sigh* Yup, what you said. :)

  2. Yeah I have been struggling with this a lot. I know ppl you say it's a sin to shop/buy from/ eat etc certain foods since their companies believe in certain things but I really think its getting to be too much. Just yesterday I think it was I found by a friend that general mills gives money to something like planned parenthood or something I forget now anyway there was a list of like 30 products that my friend was saying it would be a sin to buy now. Well I use half of those. I just think its being unrealistic. Every company owner in the world probably believes in something I don't. So what am I supposed to do ? Live on a farm and make everything from scratch? I just can't do that. I have 7 kids. I am on a budget I am going to buy things that we use and need etc..
    I understand the boycotting point of view but unless the catholic church comes out and specifically says don't buy Cheerios... Don't go to Starbucks etc then it's not a sin.

  3. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. If I was not sick of being told who to boycott, I would boycott the boycotts.I love my Catholic Identity and I believe in my faith 100%, but buying Cheerios or a desparately needed frap on a crappy day... not a sin.

  4. Good points. I think it's close to impossible to boycott every company whose owner holds an ideology different than my own. I do, however, choose the companies whose owners I DO agree with over the others when I have the choice and information. I also choose not to support charities who use my money in ways I would not want. I try to put in the time to research what charities I support, but I don't have the time or money to nitpick every item on my grocery list. It's hard enough trying to make somewhat healthy choices (on a budget) for my family, and I don't think it's a sin to choose my family's well being over 1/10 of a cent from my purchase going to something or other.

    These recent controversies are hitting close to home for me, and your first paragraph sums it up perfectly. Thanks.

  5. Hey! Techno is great! Don't be a hater. ;) (loveya)

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  7. Amen- I've been staying away from reading too much about this- my blood presure can't take it. I get SO mad. I wish we had a chick-fil-a out here.