September 9, 2012

Celebrating Sheen Engstrom style

Today was the Mass of Thanksgiving to celebrate Fulton J. Sheen being named Venerable.  Travis, the four kids, and I sat with my mom and waved at my grandparents across the aisle.  We were so excited for a beautiful day, a beautiful Mass, and a celebration.  

As I told a reporter, "Go God!"  (They didn't use that quote in the piece, shockingly.)

There ended up being a few glitches.  
I forgot my camera.
Resa had an explosive diaper getting bright orange poo all over her outfit, body, carseat, and Travis' tie and dress shirt.  Trav and I spent most of the Liturgy of the Word in the bathroom cleaning up poop.  Travis spent the rest of Mass wearing his undershirt.
I then spent most of the homily nursing Resa in a little garden area between the Cathedral and rectory, sitting on the ground hoping no one would wander upon us.
Ben had to use the bathroom 4 times.
JF, of course, was climbing all over and being noisy at the end of Mass.  (I guess it's proof that he's healthy and normal, right?)

But there were some highlights.
As I carried my screaming baby out of the church I heard some nuns whisper to me, "Don't worry.  It's okay."
Three men offered the shirts off their back so Travis wouldn't be wearing an undershirt while being photographed.  
I got to meet a bunch of people I had only formerly known via the internet.
Like Lisa Hendey!  She was sooooo wonderfu!
I was able to see some awesome new additions to the Sheen Museum.  (You should go there if you're ever in Peoria.  And tell the Sisters I sent you - they're the best!)
I got to be with my mom, and any time I get to be with my mom is good time.
Despite the behavior of our children Mass was celebrated, Jesus was present, God was worshiped.  

When we came home Travis watched the Bears game and I napped for almost 3 hours!  I guess we were both ready for a rest.

My friend Marie has some nice pictures up at her blog, Help Them to Heaven.

If you want to see a write up about it from our local CBS affiliate you can go here.  Bishop Jenky doesn't get the story exactly right but the gist is correct.  


  1. So glad to hear about the men who offered Travis their shirts.

    I ended up taking a long nap today as well.

  2. "Don't worry. It's okay." God bless our sisters and the communion of faithful gathered around you yesterday. Gotta think Venerable Sheen was thinking the same thing. Great pic of you and Mama Lisa, too!

  3. Oh Bonnie! How wonderful that men offered Travis a shirt. I assumed something poop-related since you have a baby. Can I just say that both you and Travis were your normal unflappable selves when I saw you after the Mass, despite those travails.

    I don't want to say this but can' may laugh about this someday. This has the potential to become great family lore. I wonder if there's a way to put this in the positio, but maybe that should be the positio for you & Travis? :-)