September 19, 2012

Healing retreat after a pregnancy loss

Please read and pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested.  Also, please know that while this retreat is held at a Catholic Church and topics will be discussed through the lense of Catholic Christianity, it is open to all faith denominations.

A Mother's Love- Healing Retreat After a Pregnancy Loss

If you have suffered through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant loss and are looking for healing, please join A Mother's Love group for our annual healing retreat. The retreat will take place on October 20th at St. Philomena Church in the Sacred Heart room.* The retreat goes form 8-3. There is no cost, and lunch and snacks will be provided. Please e-mail to register to help us get a count for food. There is also registration available the day of the retreat. Contact RyAnne if you have any questions at 309-253-0314 or at the e-mail above.

So quick review:
Healing retreat
Saturday, October 20th
8am - 3pm
Sacred Heart room* at St. Philomena Church
Lunch and snacks provided
No cost.

Contact RyAnne to register but also know that no registration is necessary!  You can show up the day of the conference without previously registering and there will be a spot for you!

*The Sacred Heart room is located behind the rectory; its door is near the garage.


  1. Is it open to anybody, of any denomination?

    1. Great question and I'll update the above.

      YES! I attended last year and while it is held at a Catholic Church and a Catholic priest spoke it is open for anyone. It is definitely Christian as Scripture is used and Heaven is discussed but perhaps 1/3 of the women were not Catholic last year.

    2. Bonnie! This is beautiful. I will pray for this. I'd like to start something similar in my parish. Can you email me some details?

    3. Let me contact RyAnne, my friend who is planning it. Hopefully one of us will get in touch with you soon!

  2. Oh how I wish there was something like this in my diocese!

    1. I know! RyAnne started it because it didn't exist.