October 12, 2012

7 quick takes

1 -  Ummmm I love this song.  Lovely.  Perfect.  No disrespect to The Magnetic Fields but this version is the best.  The. Best.  You're welcome, friends.

2 - So the lovely Maria won the Washboard Basics All Natural Laundry Soap give-away (yay, Maria!) but YOU still have the opportunity for a sweet deal.  The fantastic ladies at Washboard Basics (yes, I am partial) have offered a 20% discount to all my blog readers.  So head over to their Etsy store, pick out your product, and then type in "KNOTTED20" to get 20% off your purchase.  The coupon is good today (Friday, October 12, 2012) through next Friday (the 19th).  Megan and Laura believe that no one should have to pay a fortune to be able to clean their home safely and naturally - it's core to their business mission and this sweet deal just goes to show they mean it.  Plus, the packaging is cute.  So do it!  I'm going to.

3 - If you haven't hear about Taryn Watkins, please allow me to introduce you to this fantastic young woman.  Actually, I'll let Taryn do the talking:
My name is Taryn Watkins 
For the last several years I have been discerning my call to religious life and I hope to join the Discalced Carmelites.  I am currently working to pay off my student loans because in order for me to enter, I need to be debt free. This is why I am in need of your help. Will you prayerfully consider buying one of my paintings online or offering a donation to help me fulfill my vocation? I have created a blog,ProDominoDeo.blogspot.com, that I would love for you to take a look at and share it with anyone and everyone you know because I very much desire to enact God's call quickly! I am an artist myself and I have made some prints of a painting of Our Lady because I place my vocation and the way in which that will be realized in her hands. Please consider purchasing one of my prints for yourself or a friend, they would make a great Christmas present this season!
Oremus pro invicem,
Taryn Watkins

3 - To add a couple of things to Taryn's letter:  I have no idea what the Latin says.  Also, I think "discalced" means "shoeless".  Lastly, the prints are beautiful, check them out:
In summary, "Help a (future) sister out" and pray for her and offer some financial support if possible!

4 - We are trying to sell our home.  Our beautiful, lovely, family-friendly home.  We need to move closer to Travis' work and my family but otherwise we love this house.  If you know anyone who wants to live in a small town, have great neighbors, low taxes, a great parish, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, close to hospitals, schools, world headquarters for CAT and State Farm...  please have them contact us!  Let me entice you with some pictures:
It's so cute!  And everything in it is new!

Large living room with lots of windows!

Check out all that counter space!  

Large, beautiful dining room!
5 - So friends keep asking me for tips on how to live on a tight budget.  I'm wondering if I should write a blog post about it (I did write one for Cynthia's Mother-to-Mother "Living on a Budget" series) since Travis and I have recently learned a few new tricks.  So what I'm wondering is, should I write such a post?  I'm no kind of financial expert but if anyone's interested I would gladly type it up.  I just hate sounding like a know-it-all.

6 - I think I'm really going to like the show Nashville.  Anyone else?  You can watch it on Hulu if you missed the pilot.  

7 - Okay, and I just spent 10 minutes trying to find something funny to post here.  But I found nothing that fit.  And now I'm out of time and must go man my garage sale.  I'm de-cluttering, yo!  It feels good!


  1. Hi Bonnie, your house is very cute! I would love to read your budgeting tips, I really found your earlier post on that topic very helpful

  2. Prayers that you sell your house fast bc keeping a house clean for showing with little kids is no joke!

  3. Your house is SO adorable! You should be proud of what you've done to it!! I hope it sells soon!

  4. I think I'm going to like Nashville, too... But that's just what I need, huh - one more show to watch.

    The house looks beautiful and I'd love a budget post. But I like all things budget, anyway.

  5. If we could, we would buy your house in a second!! (Timing stinks!) Second....I'm always up for posts on budgeting. I think you should definitely share your tips and tricks : )

  6. I would love to read budget tips! My husband and I are still working out our finances now that I quit teaching to be home with our daughter and am only working part-time, so any advice you want to pass along would be very helpful.

  7. Yes-always open to budget tips! Praying you sell the house quickly-it really is cute.

  8. I would love to read a post on budgeting tips!! Go for it!

    Also, your house is beautiful! Good luck with selling!!

  9. Ok, a few things: 1. Your house is so adorable. You and Travis should be SO proud! 2. Yes yes yes to the budget post! and 3. I have been debating on watching Nashville. I DVR'd all episodes of Smash last season with the intent of watching it in the off season and then never did and deleted them all. I always tell myself I don't neeeeeeed one more show to watch but gosh darnit anything with music just draws me in - dang!

  10. Ooooh, love that island in the kitchen. If our family were ready to up and move...I'd put a bid on it ;)

    Oh, and yes, do another budget post. Or series. Whatever. We can never get enough of that topic.

  11. Yes to the budget post(s).

    I'll pray that your house sells quickly, but it also makes me a little sad because I really like your house!

  12. Dude... I want your house. SO SPACIOUS!

    I would definitely be interested in the post!

  13. Your house is soo pretty! Hope you find someone for it soon! :) Good luck with the garage sale!

  14. Discalced = barefoot. My family makes a number of jokes about the fact that I'm discalced quite a bit of the time.