November 29, 2012

Pre-gaming for the Advent series

If you watched my first ever vlog then you know that beginning December 2nd and running through December 24th I'm hosting an Advent guest blogger series on Ye Olde Knotted Life.

If you didn't watch the vlog then I'll fill you in:  I'm having an Advent series featuring a different guest blogger every day.  I actually had so many people say 'yes' that I'll have 24 posts, which I will add, as they come, to the Advent tab that I promise I'll put in at the top of the page.

The gist of the series is this: Each blogger will share a little something about how they keep the Season of Advent in their home.  Some will talk about special feast days, some books, some prayers, some common traditions, some not-so-common traditions.  There will be new moms, moms with older kids, single women, even a nun! 

I'm really excited about the series and I'm hoping that this series will accomplish both of my goals: 1) showcase the beautiful variety of ways we can celebrate Advent and 2) inspire all of us as we journey towards Christmas.

In the meantime, here's some great links I've stumbled upon to get you going:

Let's Pump Up Advent This Year from OSV
Advent 101 from the USCCB (thanks, Bishops!)
All kinds of Advent resources from
Start a New Tradition aka Wise Men and Not an Elf on the Shelf from Life Happens When
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Advent from Karen Edmisten


  1. Love the Wiseman idea! Am taking note! I have been hearing all about the Elf on the shelf thing lately. While I think it is amusing just probably not going to be a tradition here.

  2. I actually think the Elf looks creepy but I think the idea (whether played out with an Elf or Wise Men) is a great idea.

    But I am NOT doing it. When I see all the pictures of the pesky elf making a mess with toothpaste, etc, all I can think is "I clean up messes ALL DAY LONG - I am not going to spend even more time on Pinterest looking up ideas and then time making little messes that I will have to clean up!" I'm lazy and I would forget about it all the time anyways.

    1. I am SO glad someone shares the same thoughts about that creepy little thing that I have to make the messes for AND clean up. :)

  3. Any moms that work outside the home? -Susie

    1. To be honest, I'm not sure what the employment standing is on all the guest bloggers. At least one works part time outside the home and another works full time from home, and the single women, of course, work full time outside the home. I'm 99% sure that there isn't a mom with young kids who works full time outside the home. Gosh - I can't believe I didn't think of that.

      Susie, would you want to be that voice? It would be great!