November 25, 2012

What I Wore and What I Ate: a Thanksgiving recap

I finally have time to sit down and post all these things.  And now that most of you have moved on to Christmas despite the fact that it's still November, you may not care anymore.  But if you do, well here you go!

6 month old Resa wore a hand-me-down onesie and some cute polka dot pants.

4 year old L wore a hand-me-down dress, hand-me-down cardigan, shiny red shoes, and pink socks that she was certain matched her dress and shoes.

Everything I wore came from Target.
I think the watering can really makes the picture.

This was supposed to show the detail on the neckline.  It's what you get when a toddler is taking your pictures.

And now what we ate for lunch.
(My cranberry fluff turned out well - yippee!)

And then the kids did dishes.

For supper Mom set out a bunch of yummy, lighter food. 
Veggies and dip and lunchmeat and soup...

... homemade bread and grapes and cheese and jam.

Then on Saturday we hosted Trav's family for Thanksgiving. 
Here's the hubs cutting our first turkey. 

Every year I trace the kids' hands and we make a turkey.  Then on the same page I write a list of all the things they're thankful for.
L said picnics and going to Grandma's.
Ben said "all birthday for me" and all the people he loves.
JF's list was made up by me, filled with things I know he likes, like trains, chicken nuggets, and his speech therapist.


  1. sidenote: I know I've said it before but your kids have the BEST names.

    thanks for humoring me and linking up!!! love that a toddler can even TAKE your photos ... I need to train Julia ...

    and I love maternity dresses ... pregnant or NOT.

    1. Thanks for the affirmation on the names. :)

      You always say that like you botched it or something but your kids' names are solid and lovely.

  2. Love the color on the shirt and neckline---from what I can see....adorable kiddos and love the fact that they are on dish duty....get 'em while they're young and BTW I am super happy I am reading this in my PJs b/c I think I just gained a few more pounds looking at all that food!! Yum!!

  3. You look great in purple! And the pic of the kids doing the dishes is the best :)

  4. I love everything from Target! They have really stepped up their clothing line to make them more "sophisticated" for our age. I love everything about this outfit! :)