November 11, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

This is my first time participating in the What I Wore Sunday link-up.  I was going to do it last week because I was wearing this fantastic blue dress and I thought I looked fantastic.  And then two different women asked about my pregnancy.  er, um, just fat, thanks.  So no pictures were taken and that dress will move to the back of the closet.

But this week no one asked about upcoming due dates and so I thought I'd go ahead and join the fun.  On this warm but very blustery day I wore:
An old black dress.  I think I bought it at Target while in college.  It's super duper comfortable - I will probably sleep in it tonight.

And old red cardigan.  It was a Christmas present from back when I was thin and so is now way too small.  Whatever, I still wear it.
Grey maternity tank from Target.  Very stretchy so it's perfect for nursing and modesty purposes.

Sock bun.
I swear my hair is thinning in the front.  Do you see all those bald spot looking areas?  Eeek!

Sparkly shoes from Target.  Got them there last spring.  Love, love, love them.

Red lipstick and old, cheap hoop earrings.  

Head back to Fine Linen and Purple for more fun!


  1. I think this post has convinced me to get some shoes at Target - those are adorable! I think you look fabulous.

  2. Bonnie you look beautiful. Love the red cardigan with the red lips!!

  3. You look mahvelous, dahling! :) This looks like so much fun... I might have to jump in next week!

  4. Smashing! Really! I have an old yellow cardigan. Pretty much perpetually stretched beyond belief, like two sizes larger than it should be. Gotta love cardigans!

  5. You look great, Bonnie! I LOVE those shoes and that you are rocking the sock bun! I'm working up the courage to try it :)

  6. You are so super cute! I love those shoes & girl, my favorite color is red, so I'm loving your red lipstick & cardigan. I used to rock red lipstick way back in the day-- Clinique's Angel Red. May need to pick up some & join you in your red loveliness!

  7. Love your whole outfit, right down to the sock bun.

    Must have those shoes!

    (also, re: thinning hair at the temples, could it be hormonal? Mine is doing that really badly right now. So badly that I can't even pull it back at all for fear of rocking the Michael Bolton.)

  8. Very cute Burn! I love love love those shoes too. Xoxo

  9. I love your outfit! And your hair! And your shoes! And earrings!
    Thank you so much for participating!

  10. I have a few cardigans that don't technically fit, but since I would never button them anyways, I can still get by with wearing them ;).

    My hair is super fine and if I pull it back, I sometimes look like I have the same bald spots. I just have to brush it back rather than using my hands, and usually the hair covers my scalp.

    1. Stacy, good tip. I wondered if that was the problem since I did it in a hurry and without a brush.

  11. Very cute. I love wearing dark dresses with bright cardigans! I love the shoes too!

  12. Hey!! New to this meme and LOVING your style!!! I need me some stylish comfort in my life!! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring!! Blessings!

  13. Hi Bonnie, I've never commented before, but enjoy your blog. I had to comment on the hair thinning thing. I had the same issue after all 3 of my kids were born. I lose my hair like crazy beginning around 3 month post partum up until like 6 months (when at that point it is getting to be very noticeable) and then the newly grown hair starts to fill in and cover the scalp. It makes me nervous every time.
    Nice outfit!

  14. You look so cute! :) You are beautiful inside and out!

  15. Remember, I said I check your blog here or there. I need reminders or something because i always enjoy reading them. First off you look fabulous, second share how you did that to your hair cause I LOVE IT! I'm pretty sure I'm bun challenged or something. Those shoes are killer & as far as getting asked about your pregnancy. Happens to the best of us. ;) I wanna link up to this, I love these "what I wore" posts. However, you don't want to see.. what I wore today. LOL!!! Cute post. Keep up the great work.

  16. The whole look is super cute, especially the shoes and the bun is fantastic!! I'm always shocked at the people who ask "when are you due"? Seriously?!?!? You NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. ask that question of anyone, unless you are 150% certain....even then....iffy. Sheesh.

  17. Anonymous has a point - I have lost tons of hair after the last three pregnancies. Just clumps after showering and brushing. Then it grows back and I have this weird layer of "chick fuzz" and have to eventually get it layered in order to blend it into the rest of my hair. One of the joys of getting older.

    Hate the pregnancy question - I carry most of my fat at my stomach so I always look pregnant. It's one of the benefits of being pregnant - I can finally say, yes, I'm pregnant! Even if I'm only 10 weeks along and am not sticking out because of the baby, lol!

    But you look great - so put together!