November 25, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

These are actually pictures from last Sunday.  This Sunday I wore a different dress (this one brown with small white polka dots) and a different cardigan (this one royal blue).  Same boots. 

Anyways, last Sunday I attended a Mass at the Cathedral because my very good friend was being awarded a Diocesan award for all her outstanding work. 
 So Katie, the award-winner, wore a super cute dress with super cute heels, and a nice, sensible cardigan.  She also wore her Pere Marquette Award, because she's awesome.

I wore a maternity dress because I'm fat and it fits, a cami, and a brown cardigan.  And some boots.  Love the boots. 

Dress: Target, like 3 years ago
Cami: Target
Boots: Christmas gift
Cardigan: hand-me-down
40 extra pounds: L and Ben's pregnancies

Thanks to Fine Linen and Purple for hosting!


  1. Name one woman who's had a kid that DOESN'T wear maternity clothes when they're NOT pregnant and I'll call her a liar. A straight-up liar. You look great in blue.

  2. Target Maternity is a gem, period. I wear the Be maternity tanks all the time! They are long, supportive and come in an XL at least! I could go on, but you get the point! ;)

  3. i <3 my maternity stuff, even though my child is three years old!

  4. You look great, Bonnie! And I never would have guessed the dress was maternity. My favorite sweater is maternity and my baby is almost 2 :)

  5. You look fabulous, Bonnie! Brown + turquoise is one of my fave color combos.

  6. You look fabulous! For the record...I've never had a kid, but I wear maternity clothes! I've managed to find my way into Target's maternity section A LOT without realizing it until I get home =) Those boots are awesome!

  7. A. You're so sweet to show-up for your friend.
    B. That color combo is awesome for you!
    C. You have WAY more guts than me. I'm blue-jeaning it to mass like its my job lately and my hair always needs washing...and so I don't even have the guts to participate in WIWS!