December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1 - The words of this song are so beautiful, and they remind me of the Bible story of when God passed by Moses, quiet as a whispering wind.  I love our good God.

2 - Let's talk a minute about the Advent series.  It is so good!  Oh my gosh - I am loving this and I'm so grateful to everyone who has said yes!  I can't wait to read the rest of them, and I know you feel the same way.  I've gotten so many comments, emails, and messages about how much people are enjoying the posts - what an honor and a delight for me to facilitate it!

3 - Yesterday we had a St. Nick party.  For some reason I decided I had all the talents of a pre-school teacher.  Dudes, I created a timeline for the party.  I think it worked rather well, though.  First, the kids came and did a miter craft, since we were celebrating St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra.
JF with his finished miter.  So cute!

Next we tried to gather the kids in the living room for a story.  I was going to read a book about St. Nick but L asked me to read Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I gave in and then tried following up with the St. Nick book but Ben was acting dumb, climbing all over me and somehow got hurt.  While all that was going on the jolly old saint was in the dining room, filling all the kids' shoes with treats.
L with her stuffed shoes. 
On seeing pictures of girls with miters one dad asked if it was a heresy party. 
Next was snack time, followed by regular, old play.  It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad so many of my friends were able to make it.  Before everyone left I had wanted to end with a simple prayer, asking St. Nick to pray for us as we continue to prepare for Jesus' birthday, but I forgot.  Oh well!
Yay for candycane cookies, grapes, clementines, chocolate coins, and chocolate covered pretzels!

4 - New post up at Ignitum Today.  It's a bunch of Advent music.  Go give it a listen and let me know if I missed anything: A Playlist for the Next Few Weeks.

5 - This year we're doing something new, though inconsistently, and I really like it.  Every day, or almost every day, I let each of the kids pick a Christmas card from the small pile we've gotten so far.  We then say a special prayer for just those people.  I feel like it gives another purpose to the cards, which would just sit around otherwise.

6 - On a related note, I LOVE getting Christmas cards!  Really!  I have a dream of having a big frame with some kind of roping that I can hang my cards from, hanging in my living room. 
Kinda like this but not quite so fancy.
Image source.
I've noticed that not as many people send us cards as we used to get.  There's three probable reasons for this.  1) I've burned some bridges, unknowingly.  2) They don't send cards any more. 3) They never got a card from us so we were taken off their list.  If #3 is the reason you may consider taking us off your card list this year, please let me tell you that we are just too poor to send out cards.  I would love, love, love to send them out!  I would especially love to hire Kathryn Whitaker to make our cards.  She sent me one of hers and it is a-ma-zing!  Wow!  But we can't afford the cards and stamps, or I choose to not afford them.  There's a lot of expenses this time of year and something had to go, so Christmas cards went.  Maybe some day I can send them again!

7 - Lastly, I want you to know that Kathleen at The Boring Blog is one of the best kept secrets in the blogosphere.  If you don't already read her, please do yourself a favor and check her out.


As always, thanks to Jen for hosting!


  1. Oh my goodness, the Fallon video made me so happy. The song, the xylophone, the kids, the KAZOO! Thank you!! And thank you, Jimmy Fallon, you are forever awesome.

    Love your Christmas card idea. And I have to admit, it makes me sad how few cards we get, and how few of our friends do anything for each other. I totally understand the expense concern. But I remember getting so many cards when we were younger and they were such a delight. I know if I didn't send Christmas cards to my extended family, they would be hurt. And I think there's something to be said about that (some even just send Ecards). Also, I love baking goods for friends and handing them out. I know not everyone likes doing that, but most years we never got even a card from our best friends. (Not that that's what makes Christmas, and we still love giving gifts and sending cards, but I see it as a cultural change from what we experienced growing up.)

    End rant. :)

    1. I just wanted to clarify, I'm not angry. And we don't withhold cards from people. I'm just sad to see this trend dying out. Either that, or we're making fewer and fewer people's short list, which is probably the case too. We don't have many friends. That's what happens when two introverted melancholics marry.


  2. The party was fun! You can never have a party with that many preschoolers/toddlers/babies and get to everything on the agenda! I love the idea of praying for those who send us Christmas cards. We don't send them out, either. Maybe someday...probably not.

  3. OK, I for one think it is incredibly rude not to mail Christmas cards to people just because they didn't send you one. REALLY? Are we 8?? It's about sending love and spreading the joy of Christmas, not having some cliquey self congratulatory vanity contest for the cool kids. GAH! Not that I have strong feelings about it or anything...

    Now that that is off my shoulders, I love your hanging frame idea for cards. One day when we have a forever home, I am totally doing that.

    Also, the children in craft miters totally made my day. :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out! We to are forgoing Christmas cards except to a very few! You can't do it all!

  5. That is my most favorite song EVER in the history of awesome Christmas songs. And, I totally appreciate the shout out. Everybody has their "thing" at Christmas. Our is cards - always has been. You have to do what's right for your family. I love getting them, reading them, making them and sending them. It is one of my biggest highlights of the season. But, thank goodness for blogs, right?! Love you, Bonnie!

  6. Send me your snail mail address and I'll be happy to send you a Christmas card! I'm signing in from my dormant food blog account so you have my email (I hope)