January 11, 2013

7 quick takes

1 - Just a simple, happy song for today.

2 - L and I both wake up incredibly grumpy.  I am more likely to blow my top in the first 30 minutes of the day than the rest of it combined.  This is especially true if I have to get out of bed before I want to and if I wake up to a messy house.

3 - I hope you can come to the following:
Authentic Friendship in an Age of Social Media
given by Sister Helena Burns and Lisa Schmidt

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Doors open at 7:10pm
Event begins at 7:30
The First Saturday Women's group is hosting this event at St. Phil's in Peoria, IL.  I know several out of town blogger friends are coming and it would be great if you could join us!  Let me know if you'll be attending!  You can email me (see Contact tab) or leave a comment.
And for more information, including for dinner prior to the talk, please see First Saturday's website
4 - We're going to a playdate at McDonald's today, despite the flu season.  I'm hoping that since it's already worked its way through our house we'll be okay, especially if we wash our hands a lot and use hand sanitizer.  Oh well - I gotta get out of this house!
5 - In a contest of oranges verses clementines, clementines would win.  Sweeter, bit sized, and easier to peel.  Sorry oranges.
6 - I was invited to share JF's story to a Lifelong Learners class at a local university.  Julie, who works for the Sheen Foundation, was teaching a class on the canonization process and asked me to come.  The best part of it all was the questions.  I love when people ask questions.  People have such interesting thoughts and I enjoy experiencing the story through them.  So if you ever hear me speak and you have a question - don't be shy!  Ask!
7 - We love The Lorax at our house.  The book, of course, is fantastic.  The old cartoon can be watched in its entirety on YouTube and the new movie can be watched instantly on Netflix.  L and I looooove the songs from the new movie.  I bet you a dollar you'll be singing them later if you watch it.


  1. We are big Lorax fans too! It was basically all Lucas wanted for Christmas since seeing it in the theatre in April. It went on sale for $3 on Amazon right after Thanksgiving, so his wish came true.

    Hope your day gets less grumpy!

  2. I haven't even seen the Lorax yet! Gotta get on that. And cuties are even better than clementines (they are clementines, but easier to peel and no seeds) my 4 year old can even peel them herself. Major victory there!

    1. I thought Cuties were Clementines! You're right - Cuties are the best.

  3. Oh boy. We have watched The Lorax too many times for my liking here. If only my daughter wasn't so sick, and cute! We're working our way through the flu right now, and I can see the light at the end of the snot-filled tunnel. Also, #2. I am so #2.

    1. I'm sure I'll get to the point where I'm sick of The Lorax, too. I mean, probably not because my kids have very, very limited screen time.

      #2 - it's a vice I gotta break. blah.

  4. I'm hoping to make it to Authentic Friendship =]

  5. Cuties are the best! My girls eat them like candy, and I never mind peeling them :)

  6. A very happy song in deed. We have the Lorax soundtrack on Spotify, my kids love it. Especially my 3 y/o and "How Bad Can I Be".. I'm sure the ppl on FB wonder why it's always popping up several times a day as a song we listened to. Ha! Wish I could make it to Authentic Friendship, sounds very interesting!