January 1, 2013

the most popular posts of 2012

#10 Holy Innocents - why it's best not to tell grieving parents, "God needed another angel"
       Good manners + theology  

#9 What I Wore Sunday - November 11th
     The Sunday I looked super cute.

#8  I Just Want to Binge Eat All Day Long
      I haven't lost a pound since I wrote this.

#7  No Sex For Months
      Post partum nfp majorly sucks & there's nothing anyone can do about it.

#6  The Long Awaited MRI Results Are In!
      Written in 2011 but still a heavy-hitter.

#5  People at the Grocery Store Think I Have Too Many Kids
      But I don't, especially because Ben is awesome.

#4  James Fulton
      Written on JF's birthday in 2011.

#3  When Your BFF Becomes a Nun
      Sr. Marie Noelle's final profession with the Nashville Dominicans.

#2  the Advent Series
      Maybe this is cheating, but I don't care.

#1  The Wait Was Well Worth It
      By far the most popular post, thanks to Jen and Simcha both linking to it.
      Over 39,000 people know about the first time I had sex.


  1. 39,000 is a great haul for one post!! Good going!

  2. Could you do a follow up to the blog about No Sex for Months???? My husband and I just abstained for 9 months after our third baby was born. (Three in 2.5 yrs). It was very hard. We finally bought a fertility monitor - I got the Ovacue with the vaginal sensor for confirming ovulation. I ovulate for the first time at about 4 months postpartum and that is with ecological breastfeeding. I start seeing fertile CM at 7 weeks postpartum and I never see a pattern or go any number of days with no signs or unchanging mucous to feel confident enough to have sex. I am good at reading CM but after 3 in 2.5 yrs the only way to be confident enough was to abstain completely. Even after my cycle returns at 4 months the cycle length is very erratic and things are not nearly as clear as when i am not nursing. The fertility monitor has been invaluable in helping confirm ovulation and showing me that sometimes I have multiple follicular stimulation (if i am remembering the term correctly) so I may come close to ovulating and the egg ruptures and my body retries the process. Good info to know! So basically I am following the Marquette method but with a higher end monitor. The initial cost of the Ovacue is higher then the Clearblue but you don't have to buy any sticks.

    1. I agree - a follow up post would be great! For those that don't have luck with a monitor or can't afford one, you can also ask your physician about having a monthly progesterone blood test done. If you are charting and you believe you have ovulated, it can be confirmed by checking your progesterone level. I didn't know this was an option until this year, and it helped us so much when charting in the postpartum period.

    2. Yep - one more request for a follow up post!! I am 9 weeks postpartum and started with my Creighton instructor right before delivery...met with her last night and when she saw my chart her first words were "well...you might be pregnant." Bahahaha. So maybe I'll be hitting the 4 in 4 mark like you?? Anyway, so curious to hear what you decided to do and how it's been working out for you!!! New to the blog and I'm loving it!!

    3. I will work on one... it may take me awhile to work through everything I'm feeling about nfp right now.

  3. Bonnie - I loved this list because it gave me some great posts to read before I "knew" you! Having been in your exact situation (4 kids and the oldest was 4) we abstained a while and then used the Creighton method and didn't conceive baby #5 until our 4th child was 3 years old. It was a magical time not being pregnant or nursing for a couple of years! After the fifth child we started using the Marquette Model because I signed up to be part of their study and got a free monitor. I can't emphasize enough how much I love using the monitor and can stop second-guessing everything. It's worth it!