January 14, 2013

What is a miracle?

Long time readers of this little blog will understand why I am always curious to read anything that has to do with the Catholic Church and miracles.

(What?  You're new to the blog?  Well, welcome!  And read the Sheen tab at the top of the blog to learn about the miracle that happened to my son, James.)

Matt Warner at NC Register is doing a great series called "Ask Fr. Barron" and today's question was "What is a miracle?"  Go watch the video!  It is so enlightening!  Fr. Barron's answer, especially the summary of St. Augustine's definition, has brought such clarity to what happened to James.

And then he talks about the Eucharist and it blew my mind!

Go, go, go!  It's beautiful!  And thank you, Matt, for this great series!

(Here's the link one more time.)

And here's some more exclamation points!!!!!!!!


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