February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1 - If you rightfully began your 7QT adventure at Jen's then you know that she mentioned my Twitter profile picture in her #5.  I have to confess that when I read the first sentence, "Bonnie‘s photo is one of the rare ones that looks even better in a small format," my heart dropped a little bit and I immediately thought of this:

If you're not familiar with A League of Their Own I'll give you some context.  In the film, a news report about the all women's professional baseball team is shown and it highlights all the players who are both very good and very attractive.  There's close-ups on all their pretty faces except for poor Marla Hooch who is not a looker.  For Marla there is just a long distance shot.
Of course my wounded pride quickly recovered when I read the rest of Jen's very kind words, but I still thought the whole thing was funny and wanted to share it with you all.

2 - How about a song now?  Florence's videos are a little weird and I don't let my kids watch them.  They're not bad necessarily; they're just weird.  And I was pretty much scarred by watching Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer, Genesis' Land of Confusion, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Don't Come Around Here No More when I was a girl so I'm probably a little overprotective about such things.
But the song is really great.

3 - On this coming Tuesday I will be 20 weeks pregnant and today I saw my midwife for the very first time.  How's that for putting things off?  I had this horrible feeling that something was wrong with the baby and I wanted to put off knowing for sure for as long as possible.  Ignorance is bliss, right?
But the good news is that the baby looked great in the sonogram.  This cute, squirmy little thing.  She wouldn't let me see her face but she was beautiful - all 13 ounces of her.

4 - In honor of my red lips being included on Jen's blog I thought I'd pass on a little tip about wearing lipstick.  I loved my "Red Revolution" lipstick (it looks pink, though, doesn't it?) but it wouldn't stay long, filling in all these new cracks in my lips and looking not so great.
After getting over the fact that I'm getting older and that's why my lips have valleys for lipstick to drain into, I did some research and was told to invest in some neutral lip liner.  That has made a HUGE difference and I'm so glad I did it.  I bought a shade that matched my natural lip color in the Cover Girl line.  There's probably better stuff out there but this is nice.
And if you've wanted to wear some bold color on your lips I say DO IT!  I wanted to for a long time but just felt like I couldn't pull it off.  And then I decided that I could risk looking like a fool or I could risk wasting all kinds of time of not wearing lipstick that made me happy.  So I took a risk.

5 - This Lent I wanted to step back from things online and so I deactivated my Facebook account.  It's been nice and not-so-nice.  The nice: it's forced me to reach out to people and connect.  For example, I've talked to my friend Lisa more this Lent than I did in the last year.  The not-so-nice: Facebook is the only way I have to keep in touch with many people.  For example, today the kids and I were building snowmen and it reminded me of a a time when my cousin and I built a snowman in my backyard.  I wanted to message her and say, "Hey I thought of you and I hope you're well," but I don't have her email address or phone number. So here's hoping she reads my blog!
MW, I miss and love you and wish you the best!

6 - Tuesday, February 26th I'll be speaking at the Knights of Columbus Hall on the square in Washington, IL.  I'll be sharing JF's story, plus talking about Fulton Sheen and the canonization process.  The event, which is hosted by the Elizabeth Ministry group of St. Patrick's Parish, begins at 6:30pm and is free.  If you're in the area it would be great to see you!

7 - Lastly, here's a cute, funny picture of Resa.  That girl makes me so happy.

Many thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ahh! Teresa! I love that picture, you can't help but smile in response to those wiggly toes and wide-eyed, delighted smile!

    And are you talking about me? Or is there another Lisa in your life? (just kidding, I know you have lots o'Lisas)

    That Marla clip made me laugh. So great. And I never made that connection on Jen's post. I just thought, "Bonnie's even famous-er!!" I know, I'm the awesomist wordsmith.

    Now I need to buy some red lipstick. How do you do it so you don't look like a clown when you smile? Any lipliner for that?

    1. Lisa, it is you I'm talking about!

      And I'm glad you liked the picture of T. Don't tell anyone but I think she has a little bit of poop on her ankle. It's a pic from the late Fall and so I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure.

    2. hahahaha, I saw the poop! But I assumed the best and thought Bennett just colored on her ankle.

  2. We use 'Shake it out' for our reconciliation song at youth group!

  3. I laughed so hard at number one. That would have totally been my thought process too!

    Luckily you're gaw-geous so it's easy to understand what Jen meant!

  4. I am terrible about wearing lipstick. As I keep getting older (darn the years just won't stop!), I realize that I really need to get in the habit because a little color on my lips would take years off my appearance, but I have never been a lipstick girl and I don't know how to become one!!

    I would love to hear you speak some time. James' story is something I think about often for some reason.

    And...I am 18 weeks pregnant today and wish I could have postponed starting visits to the doctor...but alas, not for me. :)

  5. WHOA. Where have I been??? I didn't know you are pregnant too!! Congratulations!!!
    Sigh. I've never been able to find a lipstick that looks nice and feels nice. I've tried several types but just haven't found The One. And it's kind of expensive to keep buying just to not use.

  6. LOVE that baby picture. And way to go deactivating your account, I think about doing it all the time and then I never do, so way to go!

  7. I had a similar thought process when I saw your pic on Jen's site-although the Marla analogy didn't come to me. Although I am positive it wasn't meant to be a dis-even it WAS-a dis on Jen's blog is still pretty cool. Go you!

  8. Hi Bonnie.

    You don't know me but I've been reading your blogs for a few months now, and I really enjoy them. Anyway, I thought you should know that before reading your blog I'd never heard of Fulton Sheen, yet just in the last two weeks I've heard his name mentioned 3 times. I hope it makes you smile that your man Sheen is being quoted and recognized in far-away (Louisiana) places!

  9. #4-I've always felt the same way about a good red lipstick (never feeling I could pull it off)...I have this dream I'll look so glam like Betty Grable or something, but then I feel like I relate more to Bozo the clown, lol :)

  10. YES to no Facebook for Lent. I just pulled the trigger on that one this morning (hey, better late then never, right?) and then I read your post from yesterday and was all, 'thanks for the confirmation, God.'

    Similarly huge yesses to red lipstick and Florence and the Machine. Bright lipstick has become my 'don't leave the house without it' accessory. Mascara was always too much work (to take off in the evening, anyway) and concealer can't hold a candle to the brightening effect that a good shade of lipcolor has on your entire face. Nailed it.

  11. Love, love, love Florence and the Machine!

  12. MARLA HOOCH -- WHAT A HITTER!!! Hahahaha! Love it! So funny. Not in correlation to your small picture of course, but so funny.
    And the red lipstick-thanks for the tip about the liner. Whenever I see your profile I pic I think, "Her lipstick is so fun. I want to try!" and then I do, and then I wipe it off. I'll have to try again, though.

  13. Oh gosh. I need to stop talking about other people, because I am not good at making myself clear. A while back I was trying to highlight the work of one of the crafty bloggers, and when I made a joke about never being able to do any of that myself, I evidently offended people who thought I was insulting her. I think I'll just stick to complaining about my pregnancy and scorpions from here on out.

    What I meant by my comment about the small format was that because your picture is so zoomed in and highlights one aspect of your beautiful face (that great lipstick), it is perfect for the small format (though it looks wonderful larger too!). Most people (including me) use pictures that are too zoomed out, and you can't really tell what you're looking at when you see it pop up in Twitter or Facebook.

    Okay. I'll shut up now. :)

  14. 1 - I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh when I read #1. Jen is calling you a hot mama that even looks good a small format photo and you somehow thought it was a dig? Man, I wish someone would "insult" me like that. ;-)
    2 - I love Florence and the machine. That song is one of my favorites to play when I am walking/exercising and I want to call it quits. It keeps me going, even when the fit senior citizens are running past me leaving me in the dust.
    3 - So happy for you!
    4 - Cherry chapstick is about as red as I've ventured. Sigh.
    5 - You are a better woman than me. Couldn't do it.
    6 - Hope all goes well.
    7 - Cutie pie, like her mama.

  15. You inspired me to buy some lipstick! I'm not brave enough for red but it's several shades brighter than nothing. =D

  16. Hilarious pic of Teresa Marie and thx for the lipstick tips! I have a neutral one that I use on occasion b/c I thought it was a conditioner, now I understand the REAL reason! DUH!!!! Perhaps I'll bust out some red and see what happens. And I agree with Jen, you have the perfect pro pic!!

    I didn't go so far as to deactivate my FB or Twitter accounts, but I did remove them from my phone which is where I do 99.9% of my boredom-killer social networking/surfing. It's a little weird at first (I did keep my Instagram though) but I find myself with a ton more time and definitely re-thinking my social-ness by the end of Lent.


  17. A League of their Own is a personal favorite so I love the reference even though I'm sure that is not at all what Jen F. meant.
    Congrats on 20weeks!

    BTW I nominated your blog as a Liebster Blog, I truly love reading your posts!