April 10, 2013

Five Favorites

1 - Best zombie movie ever. Many thanks to David Ives at B-Movie Catechism for featuring this at Catholic Exchange. In case the link disappears on the blog head over to YouTube and watch Cargo there. You'll be happy you did.

2 - All these blogger babies. Yay for Hallie, Dan, and Charlie! And Yay for Jen, Joe, and Joseph, with lots of prayers for a short NICU stay for Joseph.

3 - Bloglovin'. I love this site way more than I ever liked Google Reader.

4 - Venerable Fulton J. Sheen
People who hate Sheen will leave comments on my blog or on articles related to JF's story about how the man was nothing but a self-centered jerk. Ummm... the guy is a huge part of the healing of my son - who should be DEAD - so I don't really care if 60 years ago you met him and thought he was a snob. The fact that all these people go around trying to convince me that Sheen was a jerk says more about them than it does about Sheen. And you can't change my mind - I love Fulton Sheen!

5 - When the other track coaches tell Travis he doesn't have to go to the meet and instead should stay at school and run the practice with the other kids. This means he gets home at 5:30 instead of 9:30. Thank you, dear coaches, for giving me my husband in time for supper and before bedtime.


  1. I love your #5. Isn't every second we have with our kiddos precious?? We get so much flack for "keeping" our kids home instead of running them around to 5000 different activities (they are involved in some, but not a lot). And, we make that choice so that we can have supper together, pray together, enjoy good conversation and make "ordinary" memories together.

  2. So many blog babies! I am loving this :) What happened 9 mos ago??

    1. I think Hallie and Jen made a deal, that's what I think happened. ;)

  3. Oh my gosh that film! Oh my gosh. And the fact that once they realized the fatherly love the man had for his daughter, they took the time to bury him. Before that, they were just going to leave the body, but his fatherhood raised him to a level of dignity that transcended death.

  4. I am enjoying Bloglovin', too. And I think the Fulton Sheen thing is a little funny. I think we tend to sanitize saints (or venerables) too much. We forget that loving and serving God doesn't mean that we never rub anyone the wrong way, get misunderstood, or are devoid of a colorful personality. Many of the saints had remarkably strong personalities and we know (humanly speaking) what that means... they stepped on toes. they had enemies and detractors. And yes, they were imperfect. So even assuming that someone is truthfully revealing a flaw or defect in a holy person... what's the point? How odd to visit someone's blog to detract!! Fulton Sheen, pray for us!

    1. Melody, I'm so glad you commented. Thank you for pointing out that yes, Sheen could have been a jerk and would have rubbed people the wrong way - he was a human interacting with other humans! I think that was something I knew, I just couldn't communicate it.

  5. I'm really surprised people could be so hatefulrelated to Sheen/your son's story...in my mind there is no other explanation than a miracle!
    PS Thanks for the recommendations of the books of his life! I bought his autobiography and its next on my reading list! :)

  6. #3: I love Bloglovin'. It is far superior to Google Reader.

    #4: Ignore the haters. They're not worth your time.

  7. Bonnie, Love your favorites.....two things I'd love to quickly share having just read your post before I;m getting my HSing day begun:
    It is SHOCKING to me that peeople would suggest anything less than admiration to you reg Ven FJS. What I don;t understand is the lack of respect they must have for the level of respect and love you and your fam has for him. I think it;s awful and I;m beyond thrilled for YOU for what he has done for your son...you have given me someone new to admire....since becoming a blog reader I am more and more interested in learning abt him and sharing his life/works with my kids! Love "Look to Him and Be Radiant" too....awesome blog you rec recently.

    Also, I hear you on the track widow front....my hubby coached track for 23 years.... he was entrenched in the thick of it when I met him and coached for 9 years into our marriage...he finally quit when our kids started doing little league and he was missing every one of their games b.c he was gone til late most nights and all day on Sat...now he coaches THEIR bb games! LOL But we're together on the field....he tutors 10-12 kids per week to "make up" for the loss of income from T and F ...The main reason, that he quit, was that the AD told him he had to cut players based on ability b/c his spring team had not won any meets in a few years. He took all the kids who didn't make the other school teams and so he had pretty much a low level of athletic ability for the most part on the team....he felt this way at least, track is a place for these kids to be after school every day....when the AD insisted that he have tryouts and not take everyone, he walked.....that was in 2008 --
    (And my hubby was VIP in college, won tons of of his running awards and a-l-m-o-s-t placed on '84 Olympic team...so he knew what he was doing out there with the kids....administrators...don't get me started. In the end, it was a favor to us though that the AD changed policy...but not a favor to the kids of the district who;d have been on the team year after year,,,the new guy cut dramatically...
    Gotta run, Bonnie...thank you for the fun and the insightful as usual...:)

    have a lovely day.


  8. Sorry, Bonnie, as if my com, wasn't long, enough ( good thing I'm quick at the keyboard)is...how absolutely terrific of the other coaches....what kind ppl!!


  9. 1 - I didn't think a zombie movie would actually make me shed tears.
    3 - Ditto!
    4 - the more I hear FS's words, the more I love him. Ignore the haters.