April 4, 2013

Learn more about Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

I've found myself talking about Venerable Sheen a lot lately - both in real life and online. There are many people who remember Fulton Sheen from their youth or are familiar with the man through his books and recordings.

But, if you don't know much about Sheen I'd like to encourage you to learn more. The Church doesn't give us saints so we can glorify the canonized person or even God. The Church shows us saints so we have true examples of men and women who sinned and were tempted but who followed Christ and through heroic virtue became truly holy. Scripture tells us that we should "be holy as I am holy" but -wow - does that seem hard. Yet saints can say that and show us how to live, pray, love, and serve so we can say it too.

I believe Fulton Sheen is a saint and I believe he has much to teach us about the love and mercy of God, the beauty of our Faith, and the joy of being Christian. If you'd like to learn more about Sheen I encourage you to do one of the following:

Learn more at the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation website.
Find the Sheen Foundation on Facebook.
Follow the Sheen Foundation on Twitter.
Listen to free mp3s of Sheen preaching.
Watch YouTube videos of Sheen preaching.
Buy and read Fulton Sheen's books. Some that I recommend are Treasure and Clay, (Sheen's autobiography), The World's First Love (about the Blessed Virgin Mary), Three to Get Married, and The Life of Christ.

Get amazing, free lessons and crafts to teach your kids about Venerable Sheen at Look to Him and Be Radiant.

Also, the Sheen Foundation produced a wonderful film about Sheen called Servant of All. The trailer is below but if you'd like to order a copy you can do so through the Sheen Foundation website listed above.


  1. Thanks for the resources...that video looks awesome on his life/mission/legacy!

  2. I just got finished telling James' story to my family again! I love it :)

  3. My memories of Bishop Sheen were from those as a seminarian in Rochester NY. He was an arrogant and introverted man in those days. He would visit the seminary from time to time and when he did, one would have thought the Pope himself was walking through the doors. He insisted that we kneel and kiss his ring, if not we were reprimanded. He pontificated about his days of glory, but seldom left us with any words of substance to live by. From both a personal and shared perspective, this man was a selfish little soul, interested more in his own ego than in those of we mortals. If ever there were a case of "The Emperor's New Clothes", this is it!