May 24, 2013

7 quick takes

1 - Here's a little Kip Moore to help satisfy my country cravings. I wonder what Senator McCain thinks of this song and the obvious reference to his daughter?

2 - Speaking of country music - did you see the season finale for Nashville?! I was all like, "Deacon - nuh-uh - no you didn't!" and then I was all like, "Oh Gunnar! What are you doin?" and then at the end, watching Rayna and Deacon in the truck I was, "Well... we all know where this is going...."

3- You'll see under my little "Follow Me" that I have a new Facebook icon. Lately I've gotten friend requests from wonderful people who read my blog. Before Lent I actually felt called to clean up my FB friends and invest more in the people I actually know, love, and whose friendships I want to invest in. I deleted over 150 "friends," trying to keep my list to people I actually know in real life or those I know through the internet because we communicate on Twitter, in comboxes, via email, etc. If my husband knows who you are through a small explanation (Kaitlin, she has a blog but she's also Alisha's friend and she supported us when JF was in the NICU.) then we can be Facebook friends.

So if you've sent me a Facebook request and I didn't accept please don't think I'm a huge jerk! I'm trying to manage my life, which is in desperate need of some moderation. Have pity and don't feel bad! And then go like my page on Facebook and interact with me there, if you like.

I'd love it.

 4 - Resa's birthday party is tomorrow morning. I planned it for 9-11am so she'd be awake but right now that seems really dumb. I need to dust, sweep, bake and decorate cupcakes, make fruit salad, blow up balloons and clean the bathroom in the next 26 hours. And this person I'm growing is zapping all my energy. That girl better have the best day of her life tomorrow.
Her birthday party invite, hanging out on the fridge with Fulton Sheen.
5 - Related to the birthday party: If you rsvp when the invitation says, "RSVP regrets" then I love you and think you're the best, kindest, most considerate person ever. Last night, on our way to the store for food and paper products I told Travis, "Besides your parents and siblings, my parents, siblings and grandparents, and Resa's godparents we could have anywhere from 0 to 17 additional people coming." That's a big range, people.

6 - New post at Ignitum Today; it's called Sex Ed and Men and the Marriage Bed. I used an image of a knight's armor - I don't know if it works but I felt weird using some stock photo of a smiling or sad couple curled up on the bed or standing at the altar or going on a rosary walk or something.

7 - Have a wonderful weekend. God bless the souls of those who have died in the line of duty and God bless their families, too.

PS - Thanks to Jen for hosting and Congrats on your book deal with Ignatius Press!


  1. BONNIE!!!!
    In college, the boy that I just had the biggest crush on once told me, 'There are girls you date and there are girls you marry, you are the type of girl you marry.'. At the time it sucked, now I get it. Well played with the song.

  2. Happy Birthday to Teresa! I *love* how the party invitation is "hanging out on the fridge with Fulton Sheen"!!!!! :-D God Love you!

  3. Annnnnd you like country music? You have no flaws, woman. Love this song, sounds like home right now :)

  4. Cant wait to listen to this song when Hannah isn't demanding the computer.

    Yes, I describe people to Ted like that all time. But you have been upgraded to "Bonnie in Illinois" Not further explanation necessary.

    And WHY CANT PEOPLE RSVP?????? I have cupcakes to make people!

  5. Dusting? Sweeping? For serious? With the dozens of (and possible additional 17) people you have coming, I vote to leave the place a little "lived in" and blame it on the kids for the first few guests and then let everyone after that think the first few guests dropped stuff on the floor. Everyone's going to be looking at your adorable children and not your house, anyway. :-) Allow me to be the anti-Martha Stewart and tell you to take a nap!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  7. Happy Birthdya, Teresa!! What an adorable pic!! I'm with ya on the RSVP - common courtesy isn't (unfortunately) as common as it should be!! I was thinking of you the other day when after whining for about an hour about my problems, my sister told me to pray a novena to our lady of Knots. I had never heard of her, and the novena is truly beautiful. Of course I had to go to your "about" page and scour the meaning behind your blog (and your image is O.L.O.K.- awesome!), which I found to be really inspiring. Reading your blog daily reminds me invoke Our Lady! Beautiful!!