May 22, 2013

Five Favorites

Many thanks to Hallie for hosting!

1 - Benedryl
Because sometimes, while you're showering, your highly allergic boy will - for some god forsaken reason! - get into the fridge, find the bag of shredded mozzarella cheese, dump it all over the dining room, kitchen, and even track it into the living room. He won't ingest it (big shout out to J's guardian angel for that one because that would have ended in vomit and probably another epi pen / er adventure) but he will get the oil or residue or whatever on his hand, rub his eye, and break out like crazy.
That picture is 5 minutes after a large dose of Benedryl. Eye is less swollen, red skin and hives have gone away, snot needs to be wiped. But the poor little poor is still smiling and saying "eese".

2 - When the back of my hips do not hurt from the sharp and horrible pain of the sciatic nerve. So like those 30 minutes that are sprinkled through each 24 hour period - those are my favorite 30 minutes each day.

3 - Series 1 & 2 of Sherlock are available for streaming on Netflix.
I do not love that I'll have to wait until 2014 to watch Series 3, but at least I've got 1 and 2 any time I want.

4 - When my husband calls me from work. I love it. I love him, I love that he's checking in on things, I love that he's thinking of us, I love talking to him, I just love it.

Unless he's calling to tell me he's gonna be late. But otherwise I love it.

5 - My birthday girl.
Every day for a year she's been making up for the fact that she weighed 11lbs 9.5oz when she was born.

Dear Lord Jesus, please please please please please make the baby in my womb have as sweet a disposition and be as good of a sleeper and not have any allergies just like her big sister Resa.


  1. #4- isn't it the best?
    Happy birthday to your beautiful lady! What a cutie :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Teresa! And I HATE those "I'm gonna be a little bit late" calls!

  3. 3 - Hubby and I love Sherlock. The only reason I watched the new Star Trek on opening weekend was because Benedict C was in it. :-)
    4 - LOOOVE that too. :-)

  4. Totally agree with #4!
    Happy Birthday to your little one!!

  5. We have enjoyed the first season of Sherlock Holmes too! Love your tribute to your husband!

  6. Do you watch Elementary? Not as good as Sherlock, but still good.