May 7, 2013

Lorax Birthday Party

L asked for a Lorax themed birthday party. I arranged for her godmother, Crafty Katie, to come over and help make them. Katie came up with the idea of using the Easter grass on the Truffula trees and the pink and yellow became the color theme for the party. 

I was in charge of printing out the Lorax, L's picture, and making up the wording for the invite. The front reads "We thneed to celebrate!" and the back says, "I am the LORAX, I speak for the trees and I'm asking you all to please come to L's 5th birthday party!" 

My grandpa didn't get it at all but my younger brother thought it was clever. 

L wrote her name and age on little bits of pink paper and put the Easter grass on the yellow and pink Truffula trees so she could be a part of the process. 

I found a lot of Pinspiration and gathered it on a Lorax Birthday party board

The cake's cotton candy on pretzel sticks Truffula trees came from some cupcakes I found. Travis decided to put the chocolate Teddy Grahams "Brown Barbaloots" amongst the trees.

The actual cake was a white box mix with one 9" pan dyed yellow and one 9" pan died pink. It went with the color theme of course but the inspiration first came from this cake.

I made some Truffula trees to serve as the focal point for the food table. I looked at a lot of different sites but in the end I made my own version. You can find the how-to here if you're interested.

All set up on my kitchen island. 

Pink and yellow plates and napkins.
You can also see the little food label. Swankier people with swankier skill sets and swankier computer programs have made swankier labels (and you can buy them online if you like) but I just Googled the images, copy and pasted them into Word, labeled them, printed them, cut them out, taped them down, and called it good.

The spread.

Goldfish = Humming Fish

Peeps = Swammee Swans.
Chocolate Teddy Grahams = Brown Barbaloots

Candy orange slices = Lorax Moustaches
Grapes = Truffula Fruit

Strawberry Lemonade = Truffula Fruit Juice

I love those trees!

Friends and family helped make my sweetie pie's birthday a lot of fun. Golly do I ever love that girl. Sweet, hard-working, kind, creative, smart, fun - what a blessing from the Lord.


  1. The mustaches are an awesome idea! I love the trees too!

  2. Fantastic! What a beautiful are certainly creative!
    I love creating themed parties and this one looks like so much fun, Bonnie!
    Happy Bday to your little sweetie!

  3. Oh, Bonnie, you know I love a good party. Lorax is genius! And, it looks your sweet little gal loved it too. Well done.

  4. You win mother of the year for all the thought and prep that went into making this day so special for her. Me? I'd buy a little Lorax figurine and stick it on top of a cake and call it done! My poor children...