June 16, 2013

saw it, liked it, thought I'd share it

(But I don't really think Emma Stone is eating too many red velvet cupcakes.) 

Fairy Doors. Travis says I cannot do this to the tree in our backyard. Meanie.
I feel an obligation to make sure my daughter believes in fairies. I don't want her to believe in ghosts, monsters, and dragons because - quite frankly - satan is scary enough. But fairies, elves, mermaids and the rest - believing in them added such charm to my childhood.
Recently I said something to L about looking for fairies outside and she told me they only exist in the World of Imagination. Honestly, it felt like a parenting fail.

Cari's post on fatherhood as portrayed in the great zombie short Cargo.

Pretty much everything that is done at Mary Is My Homegirl. I love that tumblr.

This parody:

 (Travis: my birthday is July 25th. Take note.)


  1. Our kids have made tons of fairy houses over the years. We'd be happy to come over and tutor your kids in the art. :-)

  2. The Emma Stone quote just justified the eating of my third chocolate chip cookie tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my soon-to-be-clogged heart.

    Mary is My Homegirl literally leaves me in stitches every time! I'll suddenly burst out laughing in front of the computer, and my husband will look at me and say, 'Mary is my homegirl?'. He knows. Who can help it?

  3. Love that fairy door! I think I need to try that!

  4. That shirt is epic. It's just as well it doesn't come in maternity sizes, since I do already own TARDIS flats and if I got this shirt too, I'd probably have to start attending conventions and I really don't have time for that.

    Everything else in this post also totally made my day. Especially the Mumford parody, and the zombies, and the fairies and all of the things!

  5. Anne Shirley would be proud of your fairy endeavors! -Anne :)

  6. That's so funny about wanting your kids to believe in fairies and such. I'm the opposite! What your daughter said would have made me proud :)

  7. Oh, heavens! Mary is My Homegirl is hysterical!! Thanks for the tip on that. I second Colleen's sentiments. You aren't a parenting fail. Even if fairies are imaginary to your daughter, she can still take delight in them!

  8. I think you could do the fairy door without hurting the tree. Maybe if you used a doll house type of door and used an adhesive to have it stick to the tree and then decorated it with the other things using hot glue - I think it would give the same effect. It looks very precious and I might give it a try myself. Thanks for sharing.