July 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1 - How beautiful this song is... I listened to a Jars of Clay version of this song frequently when JF was in the NICU - the lyrics are so soothing.

2 - Last Saturday two of my oldest friends came to visit. Heather and I were in the same kindergarten class and we lived in the same neighborhood. Emily I remember from my second grade and we spent a ridiculous amount of time driving around in her family's old Thunderbird in high school. We rarely see one another any more. We've all three grown into different women pursuing slightly different things at slightly different rates but being with them is instant comfort. I know that they will support and love me no matter what and I enjoy their humor, perspectives, and stories. Anyways, Heather brought her boyfriend - who was a delight - and the morning was so wonderful, even if I talked for most of the time and dictated how they cut the watermelon.

3 - Yesterday Katie's little sister got married. Emily, a teacher and farm girl, married Luke, a soldier and a boy from the burbs. They are a young, solid Catholic couple beginning a life together that will certainly honor God. Please say a prayer for them and their marriage and join me in congratulating them.
Luke (the second from the Left) and his friends singing You've Lost that Loving Feeling to Emily, just like Maverick in Top Gun. Because they're fun like that. 

4 - Our 4th of July was super fun. We headed to Travis' hometown of good ole Galva, IL for a family reunion. His whole family - all the cousins and all the cousins' kids - gathered at his grandparents home for a whole week of camping, eating, drinking, and hanging out. One of my favorite parts was when my brother-in-law took one of these
and loaded it in the back of his truck. He took it to the water works in town and filled all 350 gallons of it for $.50. Yes, that's right fifty cents!  (Okay, the tank did cost like $250 but still...)
Then, he parked his truck at the top a small hill near our camp site, hooked up a hose, and we kept it running on a great big
and the kids and I had a giant slip and slide and splash pad. It was so great.

5 - Just a head's up: Strictly Ballroom can be streamed on Netflix. If you've never seen that quirky, quirky movie I do suggest it. It's lovely... if you like quirky.

6 - I feel like I'm walking around with a bowling ball nestled in my pelvis. Tuesday cannot come soon enough.

7 - Happy rest of your weekend, everyone! And go get 'em, Jen!


  1. I'm so behind on my bloggin'! Tuesday? Are you being induced? Is it already that time??

  2. We had such a wonderful time at your place. There's little better in the world than catching up with old friends. ...and no matter how different our paths in life may become it's always easy to come back again. Thank you so much for being a gracious host (even if you demanded that the watermelon be cut a certain way ;-) Love you Bonnie! Good luck with your induction tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you.