July 1, 2013

things I don't understand

1 - People who are ambivalent towards the US at best and mock 4th of July celebrations but will still gather for a 4th of July bbq with their like-minded friends. Is it just an attempt at irony or an excuse for beer?

2 - People who need an excuse to gather with friends and drink beer.

3 - What Linkedin is.

4 - Why my husband ever liked the band Nightwish. It's embarrassing.

5 - Why the US isn't set up like Spain with built-in siestas. If there's one thing I've learned as an adult it's that   everyone could use a good nap in the middle of the day.

6 - How professional bloggers have time to professionally blog.

7 - Why a pedicure is not covered by insurance in the 9th month of pregnancy.

8 - Why our insurance decided they would not pay for JF's epi pen.

9 - Using explicit language in songs that are obviously intended to be top 40 music. Especially the f bomb. Not that Mariah's "Beautiful" is all that great lyrically but the frequent "f---ing beautiful"s make the song pretty family un-friendly when it otherwise has a great feel. (Which I don't care what Marc Barnes says - he's a male college student for pete's sake and is not raising small children who inhale music and lyrics like air - it does matter that music is "family friendly" because I don't want my five year old daughter saying, "If your girl acts up I'm smackin' the ho" (House of Pain) or "everybody on my d---, please no homos" (JayZ feat Kanye) or "I really f---ed it up this time" (Marc's beloved Mumford & Sons). It's bad enough that my kids say "Oh damnit!" because they have a near-heathen for a mother. One bad influence is enough in their lives.

10 - Why I feel like I should have ten things in this list. Lame. I'm gonna buck the system... and have eleven

11 - How I cannot go back and re-watch Lost. I loved it the first time through but now I just don't care.


  1. My husband and I are currently re-watching Lost. We just haven't found a decent show lately. We liked Breaking Bad and are waiting for the last season to air on Netflix. We (I) enjoy Downton but that's done for now. Husband doesn't like Call the Midwife ("I get enough of that in my personal life").

    What are you watching now?

  2. Gosh I keep trying to re-watch LOST. There's just nothin like that first time feeling...

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  4. 3. And why I get so many pester-y emails about it. I am not a professional people, you do not want to connect with me.
    5. Need my nap so much. I've been pregnant/nursing for 12 years straight and have needed a nap almost every one of those days. I am so much nicer after my nap.
    6. I'm maintaining my amateur status so I can blog in the Olympics.
    8. Argh, insurance. When the husband had cancer the insurance would cover a $400 office visit so a nurse could administer his interferon shots, but not the $180 take home version (4 per week). Finally the nurse took pity on us and just gave us the shots to take home and he gave them to himself. Totally illegal probably. I didn't ask.
    11. I do not have time for that kind of frustration again.

  5. #7 If you pay either one of my daughters a dollar, I swear they will be so excited to paint your nails. Especially if they can paint them rainbow.
    #9 And now my oldest is starting to understand some of the innuendo in songs that don't even have blatant cursing. (My husband and I had an interesting?/heated? conversation after I let her listen to the new Daft Punk song in the van with me.) I know I shouldn't like all this horrible heathen music but, seriously, I need to get my groove on and it's getting harder and harder the older this crew gets.

    1. I know what you mean.
      For me it's not even about the understanding it's what they'll repeat back and what they could ask. Jesse J has a song "Domino" that starts with "I'm feeling sexy and free!" Lydia heard it one day and said, "Mommy! Just like me! I'm sexy and free!" She was four and I was so very, very glad that her dad was not in the van with us.

      I do like top 40 music but I also like a lot of indie(?) music which tends to be much, much cleaner. I like country, too, but it seems that there's just as many innuendos in country as there are in top 40. Blah.

  6. #3: If I was in the professional world, it would be a good way to network. As I'm not, it's an irritation.

    #5: Word, girlfriend.

    #6: They've monetized their blogs so they can pay for staff to deal with the stuff that gets in the way of the rest of us blogging.

    #7: I know, right?

    #8: Because insurance companies are evil entities. I'm trying to get them to cover the medication that is keeping my gastric ulcers from bleeding out and they'd like me to try a few other medications first instead of THE FREAKING MEDICATION MY DOCTOR PUT ME ON BECAUSE IT WORKS. (Sorry... a little sensitive about this at the moment.)

  7. #8 - Our insurance paid very little of the epi pen costs for the boys last year, but at our allergist visit a few months ago, we were given an $0 co-pay voucher. They said it was a new program and gave me a phamplet with a coupon in it, and our epi pens were free for the first time ever. Maybe worth a call to your allergist to see if they have any of the vouchers? Let me know if you want more information or would like to see the voucher they gave us.

    Kristen W.

  8. Epi pen rant? i know 100% how you feel. They are needed to save a life expire within a year and are at least 100 dollars a pen, sometimes more, but companies don't see them "medically necessary". Have you tried fighting them or looking into getting assistance from the company itself?

  9. #8 - I am angry for you!
    #3 - right there with you
    #9 - I know! I DLed a Mumford Song totally forgetting about the bombs. Now I can't listen to it around my gal. And we love that song.
    #11 - right there with you, again.

  10. LinkedIn is great for basically publishing your resume online. More and more, companies don't even post open positions; the HR people just look for qualified candidates on LinkedIn and reach out directly to them. I've gotten a lot of good leads for positions through LinkedIn, and it's awesome, because it takes some of the work out of job searching. People proactively contacting you about jobs vs. you having to search for and apply to a bunch of different positions is pretty great.