August 31, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1 - Today's song is brought to you in honor of the Gospel reading from Mass today, Matthew 25:1-13. "The virgins are all trimming their wicks." Man I love how he says that line.

2 - A couple of links I wanted to share: Here's a beautiful message from creator of Calvin & Hobbes told through a comic strip. Do yourself a favor and click on the link. Audrey Assad shared this article on Facebook and I found it really helpful. Maybe you will too. Nine things about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask.

3 - Do you ever get dressed for something and not know if you look good and end up taking a bunch of pictures of yourself to convince yourself that you look good? No? Me either.

"If I stand like this do I look fabulous?" 

L looks fabulous. Especially in that shirt. A rollerskating purple horse with heart-shaped sunglasses. Fabulous.

4 - I'd like to say thank you to whoever it was that mentioned The Lizzie Bennet Diaries to me. Blog? Facebook? Conversation? I don't know, but whoever you are: Thank You! I'm really enjoying it.

5 - I have recently fallen in love with the top-knot bun.
And since it's been 90+ degrees outside lately it's been perfect. I wear it high and low and I love, love, love it. But it does hit the top of the van when I'm getting in and out of the van.

6 - Travis made a  lemon merangue pie - completely from scratch. He squeezed the lemons and whipped the egg whites and rolled out the crust and everything. And let me tell you something: it was amazing! SO GOOD!

7 - Travis made the pie and L made this picture: 
If you can't tell it's me nursing JP. There's the Boppy and the baby and the recliner and my great big boob and lots of love.


  1. You look SO fabulous..just like Hawkeye:

  2. Hooray, I've been missing your posts! You probably should frame #7 and hang it in the boudoir, it's pretty epic.

  3. You look great in pictures and 5 year old drawings :)

  4. You look SO cute! And are you already skinnier than you were before you got pregnant with Joseph? Whatever you're doing, it's working and you look great!

    And that picture!!! I'm very thankful that John Paul hasn't progressed beyond stick figures, although he *did* take a photo of me pumping the other day with his toy camera... Yeah, that one's getting deleted.

  5. Looking good, Bonnie! Complete with a bit of sass and a twinkle in the eye. :)

  6. "Great big boob"! Heh, heh.

    I love the top knot. My hair is finally long enough to make a bun, although I look more like a spinster librarian in mine.

  7. You look awesome, Bonnie (both in Lydia's masterpiece and in the photos!). Love that green color on you. So excited for cooler temps, sweaters, and scarves here.

  8. Love me some Johnny Cash-mega bonus points for the nice connection to the reading.

    Mega MEGA bonus points for that drawing. :)

  9. Aww, I love that picture!!

    Also, you *do* look fabulous! And I too am rocking the high bun. Heat wave!

  10. Love the "do I look fabulous stance" and of course, the boob. :D Tooooooo funny!!!!! Kids are hilarious!

    Bonnie, have a great week. Hope Lydia is loving Kindergarten!

    Peace & Blessings :)

  11. I just love this post! It's cool how you experiment with different hair-dos. I feel like there is only so much one can do with curls. So much cuteness and the nursing picture is AWESOME!!!

  12. Oooh, you look so pretty! Love the scarf too.

  13. I was missing your posts! Nice to see this one.
    3 - You look great and so much thinner! Great job!
    4 - I heard abut the diaries but have yet to watch any. I'll check them out.
    5 - Love the bun!
    6 - Yum!!!
    7 - Incredibly cute...and hilarious. :-)

  14. Didn't you just have a baby??? You don't look like it. You seriously look amazing!

  15. You do look fabulous!
    Your QTs are so enjoyable! Thank you.

    God bless.

  16. I currently and wearing a top know while I check out all your fab links. Lizzie Bennet diaries? I am on it. And love your glasses btw!

  17. Teen on up at our house have watched LBD since the beginning-I discovered it via the AustenBlog. Do you know they are currently doing Sanditon? . A little hard to have fun with if you haven't read Sandition, though. There's also plans for an adaptation of Emma called "Emma Approved" I cannot WAIT for that.

  18. first of all, you DO look fabulous in that outfit. I love it! and secondly, i laughed out loud when you said your top bun hits the van when getting in and out because mine does too and I get unreasonably annoyed EVERY time. hahaha. I love you, Bonnie, and your blog, too. :)